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Martello’s solutions deliver confidence in network performance. Out products, monitor, manage and optimize the performance of networks for service providers and enterprises. The success center showcases how resellers, service providers and end users around the world are improving UC service quality with innovative SD-WAN technologies and network performance management.


Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
With guests expectations for internet availability at an all-time high, the Mandarin turned to Martello’s Elfiq Link Balancing solutions to solve bandwidth challenges.


Firmdale Hotels
Managing a Unified Communications Network when customer service and guaranteed uptime is critical.


Banco Daycoval
Specializing in loans, Banco Daycoval needed a cost-effective solution that could guarantee the performance of business operations and keep up with increased bandwidth demands.


Libro Credit Union
Customers First: avoiding voice quality problems with Martello’s network performance management solutions.


Carleton University
Selected Mitel Performance Analytics to monitor, alert and report on their communication systems.


Anderson University
Increased internet demands meant the University was looking for a redundancy solution in case of internet Service Provider failure and to expand the available bandwidth.


Harrow School
Tradition meets innovation as Mitel Performance Analytics proactively manages network performance at Britain’s Harrow School.


Pomperaug Regional School District
Martello’ Network Performance Management solutions help Pomperaug School District get an A+.


Managing Rapid Growth: monitoring the performance of complex networks using Martello’s network performance management solution.


Angels Costumes
Mitel Performance Analytics manages voice quality and ensures the entire business communications network functions optimally around the clock.


“Remote access helps us address problems or perform routine tasks, without onsite visits. With a growing customer base, this is an important cost saving tool for Arden Telecom. It was also important to us that this capability came with access control and audit logs – so that we could ensure the security of our customer’s networks”.

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Arden Telecom

“As a small business we do not have the resources of most in our industry. Therefore, a solution that allows us to be proactive helps mitigate the resource demands that are placed on us. MarWatch allows us to proactively plan events based on factual data, which is less intrusive, mitigates risk and can be better executed with fewer people. All of which represents a significant step up in service for our clients and allows us to offer greater value for money”.

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4Sight Communications

“MarWatch is now a key part of our maintenance program for all customers, allowing us to deliver a complete monitoring solution. It gives us a tangible way to show customers the value of having Premium Software Assurance with Mitel”

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CMC Technology Group

“In a geographically widespread network, there are multiple components, including different ISPs and internet connection types. That makes it more difficult to know what is causing a problem. With MarWatch, we can isolate an issue more specifically to the right location or ISP, and access these locations remotely. The MarWatch solution helps us be proactive and address issues before they can cause downtime for the customer”

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“We now monitor well over 100 devices at any given time and in a variety of locations. We have seen the results of how MarWatch has on more than one occasion saved us time and money, by remotely accessing a site to troubleshoot an issue. When there is an alarm raised, I am notified by email and from wherever I am, I can check on the alarm as long as I have connection to the internet. We not only have the best solution for customers when it comes to proactive network monitoring, but a solution that can grow with our customers”.

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Essential Data & Voice

“MarWatch gives us alert and monitoring capacity that we didn’t have before. We now know of issues much faster and can clear them as they occur, making our responses much more proactive versus reactive and waiting for our clients to call us. It’s quickly becoming an accepted add-on that our customers appreciate and want. We now can be at the dashboard steering our clients to success, versus navigating with a blindfold. The MarWatch solution puts all the information right there at our fingertips, allowing us to ensure a safe journey for our clients”.

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Maverick Networks

“MarWatch adds value to the Mitel sale. It simplifies remote access and monitoring of multiple sites, allowing us to support our customers more efficiently and proactively, while reducing our costs”.

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MXN Corporation

“The inclusion of MarWatch in Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance & Support has added value to our remote monitoring services for IP telephony, with voice quality and trunk utilization monitoring and alerts”.

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United Technology Group

“Premium Software Assurance is now a ‘standard’ offering for us, because of MarWatch. It’s changed the way we deliver service from reactive to proactive – we can stay ahead of problems for our customers. It’s really powerful software that makes it easy to identify the most critical network performance problems – and our customers appreciate the simplicity of their own dashboard”.

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Southeastern Telecommunication Services

“What initially looked like a MiVoice Office 250 problem was actually a network disconnection. Mitel Performance Analytics easily detected the issue – saving us over $4,000 in replacement. Without too much effort, MPA helps us identify where the problem is coming from so we can quickly resolve it”.

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Sunco Communication and Installation Ltd


“MarWatch gives our first level support staff the tools they need to solve the customer’s problem. Fast problem resolution is key in our business, and helps ensure our customers remain satisfied and loyal”.
VoIP Networks

“Access to voice quality and other performance data helps us solve problems faster – often before the customer even notices the problem. MarWatch improves our support offering, allowing DXP to use our IT resources more effectively”.
Digital Exchange Products Limited (DXP)

“Historically, selling the box and the software was all you needed to do, but now we must earn customer loyalty by having a complete virtual solution that gives us a sound competitive advantage. We include our network monitoring and management solution CloudNOC powered by Martello Technologies as one of our core advantages. MarWatch gives us comprehensive visibility into a customer’s quality of service and allows us to respond quickly”.
Mitel Cloud Solutions (NetSolutions)

“The store spans 5 floors, and with high call volume coupled with the need for fast communication within departments, customer service depends on reliable voice services. MarWatch gives us confidence that our network will perform reliably even under high volume conditions”.

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Angels the Costumiers

“A failure of the MiContact Center server, particularly during the critical registration period, can mean losses for the university – so the MarWatch monitoring gives us confidence that we can avoid downtime”.

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Carleton University

“MarWatch simplifies management and monitoring of Mitel unified communications devices in our London hotels, including the recently launched Ham Yard in Soho. Ours is a 24/7 business, so we cannot afford downtime. MarWatch gives us a single pane of glass to manage all of our locations, alerting us to problems quickly and offering insight into statistics and trends”.

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Firmdale Hotels

“The Mitel business communications network is critical to responsive guest service, so avoiding downtime is important. MarWatch is a valuable tool, monitoring unified communications systems around the clock, and detecting issues before they can impact service quality”.

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The Celtic Manor

“We rely on MarWatch to keep our Mitel systems running smoothly and avoid downtime for these critical systems”

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GIW Industries

“Kleen Blast operates full service distribution warehouses in Northern and Southern California, Tacoma, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. Reliability of the Mitel business communications network is key to the successful day-to-day operation of these locations. MarWatch ensures that our IP phone system and network infrastructure is operating smoothly by detecting issues before they can lead to downtime. This helps Kleen Blast to focus our resources on core business activities, rather than dealing with network issues”.

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Kleen Blast

“Preventing downtime that affects our customer base is always top of mind. If we can’t communicate with them, we can’t serve them, and that is a big problem. MarWatch allows us to be proactive and be made aware of problems as soon as they occur, preventing downtime or a decline in voice quality”.

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Libro Credit Union

“We receive greater value for money with the inclusion of MarWatch in Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance subscription. MarWatch prevents problems on the network from impacting our business. Whether a voice quality or system issue, we have confidence that the tools in MarWatch will ensure service quality isn’t impacted ”.

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Sebasticook Family Doctors

“The MarWatch system has given us confidence in the reliability of our phone systems. The MarWatch system’s monitoring and alerts ensure that performance or availability issues can be addressed early, helping us to avoid downtime and disruption to service. In addition, secure access to remote locations eliminates the cost of onsite visits for troubleshooting. MarWatch is a cost-saver that has delivered a solid return on investment for Swisher”.

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Swisher Hygiene 

“The proactive monitoring service, powered by Mitel Performance Analytics protects our investment in leading edge telephony. We know that problems like poor voice quality won’t impact our users, since MPA will help our support partner to address the problem very quickly”.

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Harrow School