An organization that calls its customers ‘Owners’ is sure to prioritize customer service. Libro Credit Union has 70 years of history serving the families, farms and LibroCreditUnion_colourenterprises of southwestern Ontario, Canada. Libro serves its customers in 31 branches, by phone or online. Reliable, high quality voice communication is important to Libro. After investing in a Mitel MiVoice Business solution, Libro invested in MarWatch fault and performance management software. It’s a solution that’s paid off – with network problems resolved before they can negatively impact service quality.

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Service quality matters for cloud-hosted unified communications. In a competitive subscription-based environment, churn is a challenge – and service quality can be the differentiator that keeps customers ‘sticky’ to the provider. But what’s the best path to deliver it? Consider these 3 Keys to UC Service Quality:

Check out the Monitor ANY SNMP Device with MarWatch video.

Taking a proactive approach to service quality means detecting problems at an early stage. That’s why MarWatch monitors devices on a 24/7 basis according to customizable performance thresholds. Alerts are sent in real-time as a problem is detected, setting in motion the problem-to-resolution cycle.

Monitoring Mitel voice quality tells you WHEN there’s a problem. Monitoring the surrounding network tells you WHERE. That’s because most voice quality problems are caused by events occurring elsewhere in the network MarWatch5.1_SNMPDeviceMonitoringcroppedinfrastructure (for example, a router problem).
Pinpointing the source of a problem is time consuming and challenging. MarWatch R5.1 adds functionality that makes this easier – configurable SNMP device monitoring. Check out the Monitor ANY SNMP Device video to see how.

To prevent problems from recurring, you need to know WHY they’ve happened. Testing tools in MarWatch, like remote IP set test added in R5.1, not only help identify the source of a problem, but also offer insight into why it occurred. Monitoring the entire network helps identify trends and activity that can help with capacity planning. For example, the trunk utilization data in MarWatch will tell you what your current usage is, so you won’t be surprised by over capacity.

Take a closer look at What’s New in MarWatch 5.1.

Like finding the needle in a haystack, finding the source of a voice quality problem is a big, time consuming task for IT personnel. Today’s networks are increasingly complex, with cloud and premise, BYOD, and a range of equipment from multiple vendors. In fact, in a 2014 study,  75% of network professionals cites identifying the source of an issue as their key troubleshooting problem.

When it comes to voice quality, issues such as echo, delay or jitter are symptoms. The trick is in finding the source of the problem on a big, complex network infrastructure. Addressing all of the systems on a network is time consuming – meanwhile the user is experiencing voice quality problems.

That’s why a UC performance management strategy needs to monitor not only the UC solution – handsets, call servers, platforms – but the many devices in the surrounding network infrastructure. Your voice quality problem could be coming from a malfunctioning router or misconfigured switch. To find that needle in the haystack, you need to monitor the performance of the entire network infrastructure. Monitoring VQ tells us there IS a problem. Monitoring the rest of the infrastructure tells us WHERE.

In November, Martello introduces a new capability to MarWatch that makes it easier for Mitel partners, service providers and customers to monitor their entire network from a single interface. Stay tuned!

It’s been a stellar 2015 for Martello. We moved into a great new office space that expands our footprint threefold. Our shareholders elected an impressive Board of Directors chaired by tech industry titan Sir Terry Matthews. Some have even considered us a leader of the pack driving SaaS innovation in Ottawa. To top it all off, Martello was named Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Company, with 3 year revenue growth of more than 600%.

BOBS RECIPIENT_2015_HIGH RESToday, we’re thrilled to share the news that we’ve won a ‘Best Ottawa Business’, or BOB award. When we take a look at some of the previous years’ winners, it’s a group we’re glad to join: Shopify, Halogen, Mitel Networks, Tweed.

It’s all great validation not just for Martello, but that Ottawa is a growing, thriving place to do business. As Sir Terry has said: “When I started Mitel with Mike Cowpland in 1972, if you’d said ‘this is a high-tech area,’ you’d have to be joking. It would be a joke. It’s no joke now.” He’s not alone in his enthusiasm for Ottawa as a place to grow a tech business. We know firsthand the value of its strong pool of software development talent, and a tech ecosystem that includes startups, growth stage companies and multinationals.

So, while we’re patting ourselves on the back for this recognition by the BOB Awards program, we’re also saluting the larger tech community in Ottawa. In case you’re not familiar with the BOB awards, they recognize companies and individuals in a variety of categories, from Best New Business to Best Performance in Exporting, HR and Sales, to the Best Ottawa Business. Want to know which category Martello has been named in? That’s under wraps for now – you’ll have to attend the 2015 Best Ottawa Business Awards on November 18th to find out!

As UCaaS continues to mature, service quality has become a hot topic. In ‘A Quick Look at the State of UC as a Service’, author Joseph Williams notes:

“UC is a 7×24 required service. If something goes wrong, the CIO is taking heat and looking for answers. A lot of cloud vendors (not just UCaaS vendors) are not providing sufficient accountability for outages or service performance, leaving the CIO exposed and unable to provide her own accountability to her boss.”

In an industry where barriers to switching providers is low, managing customer churn is critical for UCaaS providers. Churn is a real issue – 50 percent of respondents to a IE Market Research (IEMR) customer experience survey said they had been with their current service provider for less than a year, and double digit quarterly churn rates are not uncommon. That’s why service quality is attracting attention – it’s one of few tangible competitive differentiators that can mean the difference between a renewed contract and a lost customer.

Consider voice quality. As voice moves into the cloud, it’s become increasingly difficult for service providers to monitor the performance of multi-vendor networks Mitel-MiCloud-imgfor their customers. While the vendor’s equipment may be highly reliable, problems on the network can manifest as poor voice quality (jitter, packet loss, delay). That’s when the customer calls to complain, and the fingerpointing begins.

At least, that’s how it works in the traditional ‘break/fix’ UC support model. UCaaS demands a different approach. A more proactive approach monitors cloud networks on a 24/7 basis, allowing service providers to address a problem BEFORE the customer can pick up the phone to make a support call. The outcome? Happier, stickier customers and a consistent recurring revenue stream.

And the CIO taking heat and looking for answers? Key performance metrics and visibility into where problems are should be standard issue for UCaaS providers – allowing them to easily demonstrate what happened, what caused it, and what measures were taken to address it quickly.

Find out how MarWatch helps Mitel service providers manage churn with service quality.