“The MarWatch monitoring gives us confidence that we can avoid downtime.” – Richard Lefebvre, Voice Services Manager, Carleton University
Carleton-UniversityCarleton University is a leading post-secondary educational institution in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa in the province of Ontario. The university has a rich history, graduating more than 130,000 students since it opened 7 decades ago. Today, approximately 28,000 full- and part-time students are registered in more than 65 disciplines. Carleton University uses a Mitel unified communication solution to provide voice, contact center and conferencing capabilities throughout the 35 buildings on its campus—including two of its eight residence buildings.
Carleton wanted a solution that would give them confidence that these systems would be monitored around the clock for minimal downtime, and help them make better use of their in-house IT resources. MarWatch has delivered, helping Carleton to avoid downtime and use IT resources more effectively. Read the Success Story:

In 2011, the average person used 10 online passwords each day – a number that has undoubtedly increased in the years since. Remembering so many PINs and passwords has unfortunate consequences: weaker passwords and security vulnerabilities. Unilogon helps users of Mitel phones and the IT staff that support them, by providing single sign-on to desk phones and Windows hot desks. Here’s how it works:

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In much the same way homeowners are drawn to quartz countertops over plumbing upgrades, the lure of the ‘latest and greatest’ in unified communications has many compiling their top trends to watch at this time of year. Cloud-hosted UC is here to stay and growing in popularity, offering plenty of opportunity for new applications and opportunities. While staying on top of these developments can grow your business, even the most cutting edge cloud UC application won’t overcome an unreliable network infrastructure. That’s where MarWatch comes in.

Reliability and availability may not be exciting, but some consider it important enough to be a cloud UC trend in its own right for 2015. That’s because customers increasingly expect reliability – frequent downtime is a hassle, and a leading cause of attrition for service providers and channel partners. Perhaps that’s why, in a recent survey, 49% of enterprise technology decision-makers in the US and UK cited improving reliability and uptime as a key driver in selecting a cloud service provider.

For service providers, it’s a balancing act: deliver more complex and advanced solutions, while meeting the customer’s expectation for reliability. MarWatch helps by monitoring and managing unified communications systems and the associated network infrastructure – allowing the service provider to proactively detect and address network issues BEFORE they can impact UC systems and cause downtime. As customers scale their networks to add users and increase complexity, service providers can rest assured that the entire system is monitored around the clock – including Mitel and third-party equipment like routers and servers. MarWatch alerts the service provider when metrics such as voice quality or disk usage hit configured thresholds, so action can be taken before service quality is affected.

So take advantage of all that’s new and wonderful in cloud UC in 2015, but don’t neglect what happens behind the scenes. After all, downtime weakens customer loyalty and can damage your business.

Customers expect reliability and service quality from their unified communications network. Partners are increasingly shifting their support models away from break/fix in favor of a more proactive approach that prevents performance problems from impacting the customer. That’s why the recent inclusion of a fault & performance management license entitlement in Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance & Support subscription makes sense. Available to authorizedPARTNERS on premise-based product sales or renewals, here’s why the Mitel MarWatch fault and performance management solution is a natural fit with this enhanced software assurance subscription. Read the Mitel Blog.

As you prepare to enjoy the upcoming holidays, we have a few tips that will make for smoother network operations – and fewer interruptions. Plan ahead and enjoy a relaxing holiday – for a fresh start in 2015!

Tip #1 Let MarWatch keep an eye on your systems

There’s no need to check-in when your Mitel systems are monitored by MarWatch. MarWatch monitors the performance and availability of Mitel and third-party devices on the network, and will send you an alarm if a problem is detected. By taking the time to install and configure the cloud-based MarWatch software, you can feel festive knowing everything is operating as it should.

Tip #2 Receive only the most critical problem notifications

MarWatch has a sophisticated alarm management system, allowing you to set-up multiple profiles for different users and situations. Over the holidays, you won’t want to receive a steady stream of alerts, many of which could be minor and able to wait until your return. You can establish a holiday alert profile that will only alert you if the issue is Major. MarWatch can also place a device in ‘Maintenance Mode’ if it is known to be faulty or under maintenance, preventing nuisance alarms over the holidays. Check out Alarm Fatigue: A Problem for IT Operations? for more tips on managing MarWatch alerts.

Tip #3 Ensure the Right People Have Access to MarWatch

During the holidays, IT teams often share the burden of support coverage, with each team member taking a turn to be ‘on call’. Check to ensure everyone that is responsible for support through this period has access credentials for MarWatch. The MarProbe makes it possible to access devices on the network remotely. To ensure that those providing holiday support coverage can access devices to troubleshoot problems, you should add them to the Probe’s Access Control List (ACL). Since MarWatch generates an alarm if any unauthorized personnel attempts to access network devices, you’ll be sure that only the staff you have authorized can access devices through MarWatch.

Tip #4 Prepare for the New Year

There is peace of mind in knowing your systems are monitored on a 24/7 basis over the holidays. Take advantage of this by investing time in planning for 2015. This is a great time to look at the reports generated by MarWatch – you might pick up on some trends that need attention in January. Trunk usage data can help determine when an upgrade is necessary, and a pattern of performance issues might identify a problem with a particular location or device. You can also take a look at the MarWatch Feature Update Webinar – to dive deeper into features and capabilities, and see what’s coming in January with MarWatch 5.0.