The cancellation of a popular free remote access service in early 2014 had some telecom resellers searching for a quick and cost-effective replacement. While there are several comparable alternatives, few are equal to the task of remotely accessing customer sites to troubleshoot and support Mitel Unified Communications (UC) systems. As the industry shifts towards a more proactive network support model and losses from downtime loom, there is a business case for a single pane of glass that will offer not only remote access, but also monitoring and management of these business-critical systems. Consider the following questions:

Is my visibility into Mitel UC systems deep enough?

Remote access to a PC can be appropriate to troubleshoot issues, but could your customer benefit if you had deeper visibility into UC systems – MiVoice Business, MiCollab, MiVoice Border Gateway, MiVoice Office, or even a glimpse into IP handsets?

Is security an important concern when accessing customer networks?

Simple remote access solutions can be convenient, but are you confident that accessibility is secure? Look toward solutions with strong standards-based SSL and SSH encryption and authentication methods, and an access control methodology that ensures only authorized personnel can access the customer’s network.

Could I provide better support to customers?

UC management for proactive detection and resolution of issues will soon be the de facto standard, if the predictions of industry watchers hold true. Ask yourself if your current support approach is reactive – are you scrambling to fix problems once they’ve happened? Consider the increase in your productivity and your customer’s satisfaction if you received early warning before the problem occurs, so that downtime can be avoided.

Mitel MarWatch is fault & performance management software that offers secure remote access for lower cost troubleshooting. The software also monitors UC systems and the associated network infrastructure on a 24/7 basis, generating real-time alerts whenever an issue occurs that is predictive of a larger problem and ultimately downtime. Together, these tools shape your support offering, allowing you to proactively detect and resolve issues before they become a problem for your customer.

As Mitel deepens and expands its offerings to cloud-hosted, on-premise and hybrid unified communications customers, so too does Martello’s MarWatch software. After all, Mitel partners and end users rely on the fault & performance management capabilities in MarWatch – specifically designed for Mitel UC solutions. Released today, MarWatch 4.11 features:

Support for MiVoice Business V7.0, with two key new capabilities:

  •  CPU utilization monitoring
  •  Process resource utilization monitoring











MiContact Center Alarm Management
Alarms generated by the MiContact Center application are now integrated with MarWatch. This feature simplifies alarm management when monitoring multiple Mitel UC devices and applications.


MiContact Center alarms are displayed in the MarWatch dashboard with their corresponding MiContact Center alarm code, and are dispatched to appropriate staff via email, SMS or Twitter – like other MarWatch alarms.

90% of the time taken to resolve problems is finding where the problem is, and 73% of network problems are identified by end users calling in, rather than the IT department.
-Zeus Karravala, ZK Research 2014

At the heart of any IT support operation are two key issues: how network problems are detected, and how they are addressed. MarWatch can significantly simplify these tasks for the unified communications network – leading to a reduction in support calls, less system downtime and an overall reduction in the cost of providing support.

Detecting Problems – Before Users Report
Typically, problems on the UC network are detected only when they have been reported by a user – poor voice quality, for example, or the failure of any part of the system (conferencing, voice mail, auto attendant).

MarWatch monitors Mitel devices as well as third party equipment (ie: routers, servers, UPS, managed Ethernet switches) on a 24/7 basis. What is unique about the monitoring capabilities in MarWatch is the ability to alert IT staff to problems at an early stage – before they can be detected by the user.

Real Time AlertsMetrics like low voice quality and high memory utilization are predictive of failure, and MarWatch can be configured to alert support staff when thresholds for voice quality or memory utilization are breached. This means the difference between chasing the cause of failure after a user complains, and proactively addressing issues before they can lead to downtime.

Speeding Problem-to-Resolution
IT professionals spend much of their time and resources finding the cause of problems. The growth in network complexity has made this even more difficult, with cloud-hosted, on-premise and multi-vendor components – not to mention firewalls and ISPs.

Secure Remote AccessAs the MarWatch monitoring capabilities detect an issue, IT staff can isolate its cause, using the location of the device and information on the problem encountered. The software’s secure remote access feature contributes to faster resolution of problems, allowing IT staff to login remotely to the identified device and troubleshoot the problem.

Instead of waiting for the support calls to come, organizations can proactively prevent them with MarWatch.

We don’t often think of the business communications network when it comes to critical equipment in hospitals – we think of EKGs or  defibrillators. The communications network is always working in the background, so users can place calls, retrieve voice mail or send an email. But this same network is the lifeline providing communications into and out of the facility, and within it. Hospitals, like schools, are a mission critical environment for the business communications network – they are typically large facilities that contain vulnerable populations, and the consequences of failure can have greater significance.

Supporting any unified communications network means maintenance and risk prevention – for example, ensuring software updates are deployed to protect the system from a virus. When it comes to mission-critical environments, extra steps can be taken for ‘insurance’ against failure.

Recognizing the importance of MarWatch in maintaining UC service quality and uptime, Mitel has added a MarWatch license entitlement to its Premium Software Assurance & Support subscription. For mission-critical operations in education, healthcare, or other industries, this announcement brings additional peace of mind.

Mitel MarWatch is fault & performance management software that monitors the performance (ie: voice quality, disk usage, trunk utilization) and availability of Mitel equipment around the clock. To make the lives of IT professionals even easier, MarWatch dispatches alerts in real-time when a performance issue is detected, or a problem has occured (ie: unplugged handset). Secure remote access rounds out the MarWatch offering, for hassle free troubleshooting of equipment anywhere in the world.

Have you recently purchased or renewed Premium Software Assurance & Support? Contact us at to get your MarWatch acount set up.




hospitalityHow important is preventing downtime? For attendees of this week’s HITEC 2014 show, it’s top of mind. That’s because the success of any hotel relies on providing a high level of guest service, and failure of the business communications network can have a significant negative impact on guest service. Martello’s Director of Sales Pardeep Koonar is joining Mitel in their booth (#355) at HITEC, demonstrating the value of MarWatch for Mitel unified communication (UC) users in the hospitality industry.

As buzz at this year’s show will attest, hotels are increasingly moving towards cloud-based UC solutions, driven by the promise of greater flexibility, access to the latest advances in technology, and cost savings. Recognizing this, Mitel is working with some of the most recognized hotel brands to provide them with an efficient and seamless path to the cloud. Mitel offers UC solutions that meet the needs of just about any hotel – whether they want to migrate to the cloud, choose an on-premise model, or take a hybrid cloud approach.

Wherever you fall on the path to the cloud, MarWatch provides the peace of mind of an always-monitored network. MarWatch is flexibly designed to monitor and manage cloud-hosted and on-premise UC solutions, with around the clock monitoring, real-time alerts and secure remote access. Together, these tools ensure that an unplugged front desk phone or declining voice quality is detected quickly, avoiding the losses that can happen when downtime occurs. What all of this means, of course, is that hotels can maintain their high level of guest service, without disruption to the communications network.