Digital Transformation Needs a Strong Foundation

Digital transformation applies the cloud and other technologies to key business processes, delivering a fast, convenient and personalized user experience. How can you successfully take advantage of these technologies? A strong network foundation.

Why SD-WAN Technology is a No Brainer for UC

If your business operates a unified communications (UC) system, investing in an SD-WAN is a no brainer. From cost savings to rock solid UC performance, the SD-WAN architecture lets you take control of your network, and reap the benefits.

Your network is fast becoming the driver and enabler of the next wave of technological change: digital transformation. As this transformation brings an ever expanding number of software-based applications and services, there is competition for limited bandwidth. SD-WAN makes the task of managing and optimizing this competing traffic simple and cost effective, so mission critical services like UC perform reliably around the clock.

Adopting an SD-WAN solution will make your UC system perform better with more control over your network. Looking to the future, building a scalable, flexible and affordable network infrastructure will position your business to accelerate digital transformation initiatives. If you let SD-WAN do the work of optimizing your network, you can focus on building the future.

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Mitel Performance Analytics – Reliable network performance improves the user experience and ensures full adoption of business communications solutions. Monitoring and managing the performance of Mitel unified communications networks is made easier with the use of Mitel Performance Analytics. Mitel’s fault & performance management software, monitors and manages the performance of your network – with a special focus on Mitel voice quality.

UCScore: Site Qualification for UC Deployments – Onboarding is among the most critical success factors for a unified communications (UC) deployment. UCScore site qualification tests your network to confirm its fitness for a UC deployment.