Martello Gives Back

Martello's Employee-Directed Gift Program

Around the world, our employees are involved in causes and organizations. To share in our success as a company, we decided there was no better way to honour the hard work of our employees than to contribute to the community organizations that matter to them – and the Employee-Directed Gift Program was born. We have been excited to see the ripple effect of this program grow through contributions to many amazing organizations.

Bringing Hope to an Underserved Community
Heron Gate is a community in the south end of Ottawa that most recently, has been at the center of many negative headlines. But one Martello employee has made it his mission to change the conversation around this community.

Hacking Health: Collaborating on Creating Innovative, Life Saving Apps
Go ‘behind the scenes’ at Ottawas first Hacking Health Hackathon that focuses on action, not talk and fostering an environment that is conducive to delivering exceptional healthcare innovations.

Getting Kids Outside: How ‘Trips for Kids’ Is Blazing the Trail
There is no doubt that exploring the great outdoors on a mountain bike can be an exhilarating way to spend an afternoon. For many kids though, the cost of owning a bike can be expensive and having the chance, and the skills, to get out on a ride can be daunting. See what is getting them out on the trail.

Empowerment Through Sport Sends Athletes Skating Around The Competition
Every year, Special Olympics Canada sponsors programs that take place in local communities throughout Canada. Read how the Goulbourn Skating Club stepped forward to host Skate Canada Regional Special Olympic Skating Competition. 

Starting them Small: Where the Roots of ‘Hockey Fever’ Begin 
For many families, the cost of playing on a hockey team is high. Find out how Martello’s Employee Directed Gift Program helped bring down the cost so that young players could hit the ice and support an amazing local cause.

Students Embark on the ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ That Changes Lives in the Dominican Republic
Since 2010, students from All Saints High School in Kanata have been heading down to the Dominican Republic to be a part of a trip that’s not only fun, but meaningful. The All Saints Dominican Republic Experience (ASDREX) gives students the opportunity to stay with local families in the town of Consuelo and work on a fully supported, early childhood education center called Todos Los Santos.

The Transformative Power of Education – Changing Lives for Indigenous Students
Sandra Laughren, the wife of the late Steven Dwyer, longtime and much respected Martello employee, were strong believers in the transformative power of education.  Sandra’s Indigenous background and years of experience working on Indigenous issues also make the couple acutely aware of the unique challenges facing First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Canadians today.  Find out why they chose to direct their donation to the Woodsworth College at the University of Toronto.


Slap Shots and Memories – One Hockey Team Experiences a BIG Away Tournament 
Geoff Stewart has been coaching hockey for over 10 years and has been coaching his son’s team with the West End Wolverines for the past 5 years.  Find out why this year’s big away game had such an amazing impact on the young players and how participating in a team sport has such a lasting impact.

Benevolent Athlete Fund Increases Access to High-Level Sport 
Martello’s Operations Lead, John Salem chose to direct his donation to the Maverick Athlete Benevolent Fund that is used by those who need additional assistance to help offset the considerable cost of being a high performance athlete. With Martello’s contribution more players will have access to the game that John enjoys so much.

Building a Community One Badminton Game At a Time
Long-time Martello employee, Eugene Lee directed his contribution to Holy Trinity Badminton Club (HTBC) to continue to build the reach of the badminton community and provide a facility for all players regardless of age, gender, cultural affiliation or skill level. This badminton club fosters a deepening of community ties and develop connections through both sport and fun.

Real-Time Captioning Opens Up Accessibility at the Cochlear Implant (CI) Support Group of Ottawa 
After navigating the challenges of hearing loss and facing the prospect of a cochlear implant, Martello Director of Marketing, Tracy King selected the Cochlear Implant (CI) Support Group of Ottawa to be the recipient of her employee-directed gift. The funds were used in order to continue to offer real-time captioning at their regular meetings to provide a place where EVERYONE can understand what is being said and share their feelings.

Martello is honoured to be a small part of the amazing work our employees are doing within these organizations and are looking forward to seeing the traction this program will continue to gain. Stay tuned as we continue to share more stories and see the ripple effect of these donations continue to spread.