Martello Vantage

Deliver Reliable UC Network Performance

Martello Vantage is a cost-effective, modular suite of products designed to give service providers and enterprises confidence in the performance of unified communications (UC) on cloud and enterprise networks. It includes UC performance management software and SD-WAN technology. See more at

FASTER PROBLEM RESOLUTION means satisfied users, higher adoption rates and reduced customer churn.

REDUCED DOWNTIME with SD-WAN traffic prioritization and link balancing along with software tools that proactively detect problems.

INCREASED REVENUE from maintenance contracts and upsell of enhanced service quality management capabilities.

REDUCED COSTS with ISP diversity and tools to empower less costly first line support to resolve problems remotely.

A simple, web-based tool that assesses a network’s fitness for a UC solution, prior to deployment. UCScore delivers simple results in minutes while offering service providers detailed metrics such as jitter, delay and round trip time.

Scheduled or on-demand agent-based testing places synthetic calls designed to discover problems proactively, before they impact the user experience. Test results, which include metrics such as voice quality (R-Value/MOS), jitter, packet loss and RTT (round trip time) can then be addressed on Martello’s performance management platform, which delivers extensive UC troubleshooting, reporting and analytics capabilities.

Vantage leverages SD-WAN technology developed by subsidiary Elfiq Networks to optimize bandwidth. By balancing and prioritizing competing traffic on customer networks, Martello’s SD-WAN solution delivers maximum UC uptime. In addition, with ISP and technology diversity, customers using Vantage SD-WAN can maximize different network types to save money and avoid downtime. See Why SD-WAN is a No Brainer for UC in No Jitter.