Features & Benefits

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remoteaccess   Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access to devices anywhere in the world eliminates up to 80% of onsite service visits – reduce the cost and difficulty of troubleshooting.
Features include:

  • Single click access to monitored devices.
  • No VPN required – supports multiple simultaneous access sessions to multiple customers from any location.
  • Integrated web-proxy servers for higher performance and remote access to the MiVoice Business ESM (Embedded Systems Manager) interface.
  • Full security for controlled and secure access to the network:
    • Authenticated & encrypted with SSL, SSH and HTTPS
    • Audit Log tracks all remote access sessions

247monitoring   24/7 Performance and Availability Monitoring

Monitoring Mitel voice quality tells you there IS a problem. Monitoring the rest of the network tells you WHERE. MarWatch delivers a complete proactive monitoring solution across the entire network, monitoring Mitel and third-party devices. Whether public or private, cloud or on-premise, MarWatch offers the industry’s deepest visibility into VoIP network performance. Features include:

  • Continuous monitoring of Mitel and third-party devices for early detection and resolution of network performance problems.
  • Unique visibility into Mitel Business Communications systems, monitoring:
    • Voice and performance metrics including:
      • SIP and Digital Trunk utilization
      • Voice Quality Ratings by Call (R Factor) for Mitel SIP sets
      • IP infrastructure availability
      • CPU and Memory utilization
      • Disk Usage
    • IP Class of Service (CoS) for Cisco routers.
    • Mitel devices and applications
    • IP handset inventory for MiVoice Business and MiVoice Border Gateway:
      • IP handset connectivity to MiVoice Business (MCD), delivering data on handset status (in service, disconnected, never connected, unprogrammed).
      • Teleworker set connectivity to Mitel Border Gateway (in service, disconnected, never connected, unprogrammed).
    • Configurable SNMP device monitoring to monitor any device (ie: multi-vendor PBX, IP DECT gateways, routers, session border controllers, etc.)
    • Pre-configured monitoring of certain multi-vendor network equipment such as routers, managed ethernet switches, call recorders and voice mail (including: ADTRAN, Avaya, Cisco, Dell, HP, Innovations InnLine, Red Box).
    • Windows Service Activity monitoring (running/non-running) – generates alarms for Windows services such as Windows Firewall, SQL server, etc.

Alerts   Fault Management with Alerts

Real-time alerts speed problem resolution and prevent downtime, by alerting the right person at the right time. Features include:

  • Customizable by recipient and delivery method (email, SMS, Twitter Direct Message)
  • Displayed in dashboard and on map by severity, duration and customer/site
  • Triggered according to configured thresholds (minor, major, critical), customizable by the user.
  • Alarms include:
    • System alarms (ie: MiVoice Business, MiContact Center system alarms)
    • Memory utilization
    • Voice quality
    • Device availability and reachability (ICMP, Ping, SNMP)
    • Interface availability and utilization
    • Disconnected IP handset (MiVoice Business, MiVoice Border Gateway)
    • Windows service status (non-running services)

TestingTools   Testing Tools

Addressing problems starts with identifying the source. Considered a top challenge for IT professionals, MarWatch includes active testing tools to speed problem resolution. Features include:

  • Rapid access to MIB browser and network tools from main menu on all SNMP device pages.
  • Remote IP set network test tool runs IP traceroute directly from IP sets on MiVoice Business to far-end IP address.
  • Network diagnostic tools including:
    • MTR
    • DNS
    • Ping
    • Traceroute
    • Iftop
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Browser

Reporting   At-a-Glance Status Dashboard

The MarWatch dashboard, optimized for mobile devices, offers a snapshot of device and network activity, highlighting key action items such as alarms. It offers container and device level dashboards with service provider, reseller and customer views. Features include:

  • Multiple dashboard views:
    • Entire MarWatch system (multiple Containers with Regions, Locations, Customers and Devices)
    • Container View
    • Single Customer
    • Single Device
  • Map view displays alarms colour coded by severity, with filtering/sorting by severity, duration and customer/location for fast
    identification of most problematic sites.
  • Optional widescreen dashboard with larger map for viewing multiple sites, and recent alarms – ideal for NOCs and data centers.
  • Multi-tenant container architecture with multiple access levels for role-based access to particular devices or capabilities.
  • Ticket management by number, owner, and status, and option to export to third-party ticketing system.
  • Advanced search filtering to find any device easily by name, type, IP address or notes/description.
  • Branded dashboard can be created for channel partner or customer using logo or own HTML CSS.
  • Customizable ‘Message of the Day’ banner for device and container dashboards
  • Customizable ‘Container Admin Contact Information’ banner.
  • Partners can choose any URL they own for their MarWatch login page.
  • Accessed via standard web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, from PCs & mobile devices (iOS & Android).

Detailed-Reporting   Detailed Reporting

High quality, timely performance reports and queries help IT professionals, service providers and channel partners demonstrate Service Level Agreement (SLA)performance. Reports feature accurate and easily understood quality graphs with key performance metrics.  Features include:

Customer Container Reports

  • Monthly, weekly or on-demand options, with preview.
  • Reports by reseller, customer, location or device.
  • Demonstrates performance and availability of all devices in a container.
  • PDF format, delivered by email.
  • Reports can be retained for future download.
  • Reports include:
    • Message space customizable by Administrator
    • Customer Device Inventory
    • Device Availability Summary for reporting period
    • Device Performance Info (by device) for reporting period

Quick Queries

  • Key queries include:
    • Top 10 Critical Devices
    • Top 10 Critical Customers
    • Active/Inactive Users
    • License Expiry
  • Scheduled or on-demand options
  • Can be emailed as .csv, with optional pivot table and pie chart presentation

backups   Advanced Management for MiVoice Business

Advanced management tools for MiVoice Business deliver additional services to maximize the platform, including backups.  Features include:

  • Scheduled and on-demand backup options, with alarm for backup failure/issues.
  • Secure offsite cloud-based or on premise data center storage
  • Downloadable backup file for restoration can be retrieved by authorized users with a standard web browser.
  • Collection and storage of SMDR records from remote MiVoice Business (MCD), with secure cloud or data center storage.
  • Backup file includes:
    • MiVoice Business (MCD) configuration
    • Call history: incoming, outgoing and duration
    • Embedded voice mail configuration and data (optional)