Deliver Top Notch UC Network Service Quality

How long did it take you to troubleshoot your last voice quality problem? 90% of the time it takes to troubleshoot a problem is spent identifying its source. MarWatch reduces problem to resolution time for service providers, resellers and IT departments, with tools that proactively detect faults and point you to the source of the problem quickly. The outcome? Top notch service quality with problems addressed BEFORE the user is impacted.

MarWatch manages and monitors unified communications (UC) solutions and the associated network infrastructure around the clock, delivering tools to detect, address and resolve problems more effectively.

FASTER PROBLEM RESOLUTION means satisfied users, higher adoption rates and reduced customer churn.

REDUCED DOWNTIME with proactive service quality management prevents revenue losses and customer churn.

INCREASED REVENUE from maintenance contracts and upsell of enhanced service quality management capabilities.

REDUCED SUPPORT COSTS by empowering less costly first line support, while secure remote access eliminates costly onsite troubleshooting visits.

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Detect and address UC performance and availability issues before they can impact service quality.

  • Secure Remote Access
  • 24/7 Performance Monitoring
  • Fault Management with Alerts
  • Testing Tools
  • At-a-Glance Status Dashboard
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Advanced Management for MiVoice Business

More Details

MarWatch specializes in Mitel Unified Communications (UC) Solutions. Delivering stellar VoIP network performance requires monitoring of both voice systems and the surrounding network infrastructure. MarWatch has you covered, supporting Mitel and third-party equipment.

Get the full list of supported devices for: 

  • Mitel Devices & Applications
  • Third-Party Devices & Applications

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Monitoring Mitel voice quality tells you there IS a problem. Monitoring the rest of the network tells you where.

MarWatch can now monitor any SNMP device:

  • Rapid configuration – no software update needed.
  • Any device, any vendor
  • Monitor multi-vendor PBX, IP DECT base station, session border controllers, and more…

MarWatch manages and monitors Unified Communications (UC) solutions AND the associated network infrastructure on a 24/7 basis. Secure remote access simplifies troubleshooting, while real-time alerts ensure proactive prevention of downtime.

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