Mitel Performance Analytics

Performance management and analytics have become a strategic requirement for business communications. Monitoring and managing performance offers a better user experience, less downtime, and decreases the cost of support.

The Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) software suite helps administrators manage enterprise deployments with multiple network nodes, while allowing partners to proactively detect and address performance issues on customer networks.

Featuring tools such as secure remote access and 24/7 system monitoring, MPA is based on the software formerly known as MarWatch, already deployed in over 5,000 networks around the world. It is also a replacement solution for Mitel’s Enterprise Manager product.

What’s New In MPA 2.1

This release introduces alarm analytics, which identifies the most important problems on a network. MBG SIP trunk voice quality monitoring is now supported, and MiVoice MX-ONE capabilities are expanded significantly. A new system configuration tool gets customers and devices up and running on MPA quickly. Read on for more details, or get it fast with our What’s New in MPA 2.1 Primer.

MPA 2.1: Demo’s Available Now

Take a look at what is new in this latest release of MPA 2.1. Access Demos.

Full Feature Parity With Enterprise Manager

MPA 2.1 includes features to complete and improve Enterprise Manager feature parity:

  • Advanced User Operations for MiVoice Business (moves and deletes)
  • Single sign-on and shared single sign-on to MiVoice Business
  • Alarm monitor – in-browser notification replaces system tray.
  • SDS error rate with alarms

Expanded MiVoice MX-ONE Support

This release of MPA 2.1 includes expanded MiVoice MX-ONE support including:

  • Route utilization
  • Gateway utilization (SIP/Legacy)
  • Scheduled backups & results reporting including mirror backups of all nodes
  • Extension and terminal registration
  • Device and extension inventory reporting
  • IPT user dashboard with voice quality reporting
  • Status monitoring for MX-ONE services: CMG, InAttend, ACS Media Server, MiCollab Advanced Messaging.

Alarm Analytics

Every day, your business communications network produces valuable data that can help you deliver better performance to users. With Analytics, MPA transforms data into a powerful asset for your business so that in a SEA of data, alarm analytics ensures that you SEE the issues that matter most to you. With Analytics you can:

  • Flag alarms as ‘My Favorites’
  • Create and follow alarm labels
  • Filter and group alarm data
  • Perform operations and editing on a group of alarms
  • Save and share custom alarm data views
  • Display time-related alarms
  • Display a log of all operations that have occurred on an alarm of interest

Simplified Licensing & Onboarding

Get new customers licensed and running on MPA more easily, with the System Configuration Wizard. Device Discovery scans the network to find available devices, making it easier to add new devices to MPA.

Supported Mitel Devices & Applications


MPA PLUS Replaces Enterprise Manager

Mitel Performance 2.1 replaces Enterprise Manager with a more robust and flexible offering.

  • Full feature parity with Enterprise Manager R9
  • Cloud-hosted and on-premise deployment options
  • Supports Mitel call platforms and applications PLUS third party devices (ie: servers, routers)
  • Includes complete suite of fault & performance management tools, including voice quality and trunk utilization monitoring, alarm analytics, secure remote access and reporting