Mitel Performance Analytics

Better Network Performance for a Better User Experience

Reliable unified communications (UC) network performance means a smooth user experience and less downtime – but it can be difficult to deliver in today’s complex networks. Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) makes it easy and cost-effective. Monitoring and managing the performance of Mitel unified communications networks, MPA is fault & performance management software that monitors and manages the performance of your network, with a special focus on Mitel voice quality.

PREVENT network capacity problems
KNOW when a voice quality problem is happening
IDENTIFY the cause of the problem quickly
RESOLVE problems before they can impact users

Mitel Performance Analytics

  • Continuous performance monitoring.
  • Real-time alerting for fast problem detection.
  • Secure remote access and testing tools means problems are fixed faster.
  • Shifts support model from reactive to proactive, detecting problems BEFORE user is impacted.
  • Proven in more than +5,000 Mitel customer networks.
  • End-to end network performance management of Mitel AND third-party networks.

MPA Service Tiers

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Reliable network performance improves the user experience and ensures full adoption of business communications solutions.

  • 24/7 Performance Monitoring
  • Alarms & Alerts
  • Testing & Site Qualification
  • Remote Access
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Status Dashboard
  • Advanced Management

How can you set yourself up for network success? It’s getting easier with this much anticipated release of MPA R2.2.

Network Diagrams – Upload your own network diagram, for at-a-glance visualization of the devices and sets that are experiencing problems.

Voice Quality Cause Visualization – A new set of voice quality graphs help point you towards the cause of a problem.

Improved SIP Trunk Utilization Display – We’ve improved the way SIP trunk utilization data is displayed, making it easier to spot trends and issues.

MiVoice Business Emergency Response Alarms and Alerts – MPA now listens for incoming Emergency Response (ER) SNMP traps from MiVoice Business devices.

Demo Video: MPA R2.2

What’s New in MPA R2.2 Primer

Infographic: Tackle Network Problems Head On

Looking for more detailed information on MPA? Get the latest documentation for MPA including:

  • Technical documentation
  • Presentations
  • Brochures

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