Unified Communications Identity Management (UCIM)

Simplify the deployment of unified communications (UC) solutions and user identity management with service provider and user self-care portals.

How it Works:

UCIM is provisioning and identity management software for unified communications (UC) solutions, developed by Kurmi Software. Adding value to the Mitel UC deployment, Martello provides this software to its service provider customers, helping them to deploy and manage users more easily and cost effectively. The solution includes two key components:

Provisioning Portal

Service providers use this portal to streamline unified communications provisioning, no matter how sophisticated the network. The arrival or departure of an employee typically impacts an average of ten communication credential sets that are linked to the UC systems (fixed and mobile phones, messaging, VM, IM, billing, SBC, etc.). Activating and deactivating these credentials is all too often a manual process performed independently on each system component and probably by numerous highly specialized experts. The UCIM provisioning portal integrates creations, modifications, and deletions into the rest of your HR processes, for more efficient use of IT resources.

multi-level delegation and fine-grained credential configuration
securely delegate many tasks such as provisioning a prepackaged set of services to local managers and users
uniform view of the UC components makes it possible to build all-encompassing processes and create standard forms where most fields are filled and/or validated according to predefined rules
simple, intuitive, and comfortable user interface
seamless integration with enterprise directories or other applications through built-in WEB APIs.

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Self Care Portal

Users can perform common daily tasks such as password changes and directory lookups with the Self Care Portal, without the need to contact the help desk. This portal eliminates the cost and user frustration associated with contacting the help desk for simple daily tasks.

Simple, intuitive interface ideal for the inexperienced user, featuring:

PIN code and password recovery
Set Key configuration
Click-to-call feature
Widgets ready to integrate into enterprise portals
In-context digital content distribution
Self-updating enterprise directory entry
Self-help voicemail unblocking
Call forwarding policies

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