Optimize + Balance

Poor unified communications (UC) performance issues like dropped calls and delay are often caused by a network infrastructure not designed to run high bandwidth applications. SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) can transform a poor performing UC deployment into a stellar one by allowing smarter bandwidth management, added flexibility and higher responsiveness.

SD-WAN proactively manages and optimizes network bandwidth through multiple Internet Service Provider (ISP) links and automates the quality of service to prioritize voice quality and UC. SD-WAN mitigates the risk of downtime, lowers bloated bandwidth costs by leveraging carrier and technology diversity, and reduces dependency on a single provider. With centrally managed policies it’s easy to deploy rules across the organization, giving you network agility, resilience and simplicity.

UC-Aware Link Balancing

Prioritize UC traffic and steer it according to metrics that matter to UC performance. Dynamic path selection and failover ensures your network is always optimized for the best UC performance.

Traffic Optimization

Improve overall network performance by aggregating links and optimize real-time application traffic between sites with bandwidth virtualization.

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