For Resellers

Today’s global unified communications industry is undergoing a transition towards more complex, cloud-hosted solutions. Telecom resellers face the challenge of delivering on the customer’s expectation for 24/7/365 reliability, while network complexity becomes even greater. MarWatch responds to this challenge by simplifying management and monitoring of UC systems in any number of customer networks, anywhere in the world.


Today’s networks feature multi-vendor systems, cloud-hosted and on-premise components, as well as multiple ISPs and public/private portions. This complexity has made it more difficult and costly for resellers to maintain UC service quality for their customers. In fact, 83 % of network professionals reported that troubleshooting was as difficult or worse after deploying cloud technologies.

At the same time, enterprise IT departments have become increasingly aware of the costs of downtime, and expect reliability from their UC systems. Tasked with maximizing uptime for these business critical systems, resellers need a solution that will successfully manage the complexity of their customer’s networks, reducing operational costs and customer churn.


MarWatch is the solution to network complexity. Deployed in more than 5,000 enterprise and service provider networks, this simple, low cost fault & performance management software manages and monitors all components of the UC network infrastructure.

Proactively preventing UC downtime, MarWatch delivers the following benefits to resellers:

Increase Revenues

Resellers that use MarWatch to support their UC customers can increase their revenues, through upselling of support services, as well as increased service level agreement (SLA) renewal rates.

Be More Proactive

While studies show that 73% of network problems are identified by end users, with MarWatch the reseller can proactively detect and address problems before the customer even notices them. Alerts are dispatched when issues predictive of failure occur, allowing the reseller to address the issue and prevent downtime for customers.

“MarWatch adds value to the Mitel sale. It simplifies remote access and monitoring of multiple sites, allowing us to support our customers more efficiently and proactively, while reducing our costs”.
MXN Corporation

Reduce Costs

The cost and difficulty of supporting multiple customer sites can be a significant drain on resources. When it comes to troubleshooting problems, for example, a 2013 study confirmed that 68% of IT staff cited identifying the source of the problem as their primary problem.

MarWatch features secure remote access, eliminating the cost of onsite visits for troubleshooting and other tasks. The reseller can access any supported device or application on the customer’s network, from anywhere in the world.

“A solution that allows us to be proactive helps mitigate the resource demands that are placed on us. MarWatch allows us to proactively plan events based on factual data, which is less intrusive, mitigates risk and can be better executed with fewer people. All of which represents a significant step up in service for our clients and allows us to offer greater value for money”.
4Sight Communications

Improve Productivity

Rather than navigate multiple proprietary support systems, MarWatch offers data on devices and applications using a single pane of glass. Featuring a data rich dashboard and a series of real-time alerts, MarWatch makes it faster and easier to detect and address problems.

Reduce Customer Churn

The management, monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities in MarWatch are a competitive differentiator for resellers, helping them to retain customers. While the competition is reacting to downtime, those with MarWatch can proactively prevent it.

“MarWatch plays a key role in closing the Mitel UC sale, and customers tend to see the value when they consider the costs of downtime, in terms of lost revenue or reputation damage”.
Arden Telecom

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