For Service Providers

As cloud-hosted UC increases network complexity and service providers grow their businesses, the challenge of delivering high service quality is significant. In the competitive telecom industry, MarWatch delivers value to service providers with a solution that makes it easier and more cost-effective to detect and solve network problems.


The growth of cloud-hosted business communications has shifted the burden of managing increasingly complex cloud-hosted networks from enterprises to the service provider. Service providers must deliver round-the-clock service quality and availability, meeting rising customer expectations to minimize churn. The challenge is significant – detecting problems and identifying their source is costly and difficult, requiring advanced level three technical support personnel.


MarWatch fault & performance management software manages and monitors Mitel business communications systems, detecting problems proactively and empowering first level technical support with the tools to address them. Together, these tools prevent downtime, and reduce the cost and complexity of support.

Deployed in more than 5,000 enterprise and service provider networks around the world, the benefits of MarWatch to telecom service providers include:

Faster Problem Resolution

24/7 monitoring of device availability and performance metrics such as voice quality ensure that problems on the network are detected quickly. Alerts are delivered in real-time via email, SMS or Twitter DM. Active testing tools help identify the source of the problem, and secure remote access is available for off-net or on-premise devices.

“MarWatch gives our first level support staff the tools they need to solve the customer’s problem. Fast problem resolution is key in our business, and helps ensure our customers remain satisfied and loyal”. VoIP Networks

Reduce Costs

By empowering first level support personnel with actionable data and tools, many typical network problems can be resolved without intervention by more costly technicians.

Be More Proactive

Service providers can shift their delivery model to a more proactive approach, rather than reacting to downtime. Studies show that 73% of network problems are identified by end users calling in, rather than the IT department. With MarWatch, service providers receive alerts when issues predictive of failure occur, allowing them to address the issue before it can cause downtime for the customer.

“Historically, selling the box and the software was all you needed to do, but now we must earn customer loyalty by having a complete virtual solution that gives us a sound competitive advantage. MarWatch gives us comprehensive visibility into a customer’s quality of service and allows us to respond quickly. We include our network monitoring and management solution CloudNOC powered by Martello Technologies as one of our core advantages”. Mitel NetSolutions

Reduce Customer Churn

With MarWatch, many problems can be resolved before the customer is impacted. Service quality and fast problem resolution increase customer satisfaction, and minimize churn. While competing service providers are reacting to downtime, those with MarWatch can proactively prevent it. 

Increase Revenues

Service providers using MarWatch can increase contract renewal rates with high service quality – resulting in more revenue. By meeting SLA targets, service providers can avoid lost revenues. In many cases, service providers can also upsell advanced management features, such as reports.

Improve Productivity

Rather than navigate multiple proprietary support systems, MarWatch lets service providers access data on devices and applications using a single pane of glass. Featuring a data rich dashboard and a series of real-time alerts, MarWatch makes it faster and easier to detect and address problems.

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