Mitel Performance Analytics and MarWatch Product Demos

Mitel Performance Analytics Product Demonstration

Designed for Mitel business communications systems, Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) delivers unparalleled visibility into devices and applications. Our overview demo outlines the key capabilities of the product. Highlights include:

    • Overview of MPA
    • Key Benefits
    • Key Features


Why Analytics? Better Data. Better Decisions

Every day, your business communications network produces valuable data that can help you deliver better performance to users. Watch our two minute video and see how MPA transforms data into a powerful asset for your business.

MarWatch Product Demonstration

Whether you are an end user or a reseller looking to support customers around the world, our team can help you quickly understand the benefits and features of MarWatch. Our real-time demo highlights key capabilities of the product, including performance monitoring, alerting, remote access, and reporting. Other demo highlights can include:

  • Overview of Dashboard
  • Home, Customer & Device View
  • Features: Voice Quality & Trunk Utilization
  • Server, Router & Switch View
  • Custom Report Queries

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*NEW* MarWatch 5.0 Demo Video

April 2015
MarWatch 5.0 is the next generation platform featuring a multi-tenant design, advanced testing tools and more.


MarWatch Feature Update Webinar Recording

November 2014
Find out how MarWatch simplifies fault & performance management – get the on-demand recording of the MarWatch Feature Update webinar. You’ll learn about:

  •  Key features like performance monitoring, remote access and reports – and an update on devices & applications supported (including MiContact Center & Oaisys).
  • Getting started with MarWatch if you have a Premium Software Assurance & Support subscription.
  • What’s coming in the new MarWatch 5 platform launching in 2015.

MarWatch Feature Update Webinar Recording