Martello BLOG : 2015

If you’ve been watching Martello, you know that we’ve experienced significant growth – we’ve doubled revenues year over year, grown our installed base to more than 1,500 networks, and recently expanded into a new, larger office space here in Kanata. So, it should come as no surprise that hiring our next great team members is at the top of Martello’s ‘to-do’ list.

New Martello Office Panamoric-2Our new space – ready to add Java Developers!

That’s where Anne Robitaille comes in. Recently joining the team as HR Director, Anne is tasked with finding the Java Developers that will help us reach the next level. As a senior HR professional with start-up experience and knowledge of the telecommunications industry, Anne knows that what’s not on a candidate’s resume is important. Passion. Drive. Curiosity. All traits we look for in our ‘Martellians’ – but not easily detected from a resume. Anne’s job is to find that ‘perfect fit’.

A shift is underway in the unified communications market – from premise-based, capex business communications towards cloud-hosted UC. Growing every year and expected to be a $12 billion market by 2018, cloud-hosted UC represents a rich market opportunity for Martello. We develop software that helps service providers to manage service quality in these increasingly complex network environments.

If this sounds interesting to you, why not reach out to Anne? You can reach her at You’ll want to send your resume – but be sure to tell her what’s not on your resume – what makes you the next Martellian.

Martello launches its new MarWatch 5.0 platform today. A reflection of the shift in our industry towards more complex cloud-hosted solutions, MarWatch 5.0 is a flexible, scalable solution that makes it easier for multiple user types to get the most out of MarWatch. Whether a channel partner managing on-premise customers, or a service provider delivering cloud-hosted business communications, MarWatch 5.0 simplifies the challenge of managing device and network performance.

Service providers in particular are increasingly challenged to support resellers and end customers using their cloud-hosted solutions, providing a level of data and access to each. MarWatch 5.0 offers role-based access to particular devices or capabilities, using a ‘container’ system that is managed at the top level by the service provider (or reseller, or enterprise).
There’s more in MarWatch 5.0 that responds to feedback from service providers using MarWatch. For example, when a service provider is managing hundreds or thousands of customers, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish where and when key problems are occurring. Consider a map that looks like this:
It’s hard to tell where your problems are when your map looks like this. We responded to this with a widescreen ‘Problem Finder’ dashboard option. On a larger map, status icons are viewed more easily. When coupled with the most recent severe alarms, technicians in a NOC or data center can see alarms easily as they come in.
The MarWatch 5.0 platform comes at a great time – service providers can now get the software as part of the recently launched MiCloud Business for Service Providers solution. We’ll talk more about what’s in the latest release, and what’s still to come.