Martello BLOG : 2015

UC Performance Management keeps business communications systems running optimally around the clock. Since Mitel systems are highly reliable, your CFO may be wondering – why do we need Mitel Performance Analytics? We have the answers you need.

It’s true that when you deploy a Mitel business communications solution, you can expect reliability. However, when a voice quality problem occurs, the cause is typically found somewhere in the network – a busy LAN, a SIP trunk provider outage, or improper configuration, for example. By monitoring the performance and availability of Mitel systems and the servers, routers and other third-party components of the infrastructure, issues that could adversely affect the Mitel systems are detected at an early stage – so downtime can be prevented.

Cost savings mean bottom-line growth, and Mitel Performance Analytics reduces the time and cost associated with supporting the business communications network. Monitoring, alerts, sCFOecure remote access and testing tools all reduce the problem-to-resolution period, making better use of IT resources.

What’s more, putting these tools in the hands of first level support personnel means that tickets can be closed without the need to escalate to more costly second and third level staff. Organizations like universities and hospitals with multiple buildings and locations can access all devices remotely – eliminating the cost and time associated with travel between locations.

CFOs know that downtime can mean lost revenues, so maximizing uptime is not just a concern for the IT department. Carleton University relies on MarWatch to avoid downtime for their Mitel systems, which include MiContact Center: “A failure of the MiContact Center server, particularly during the critical registration period, can mean losses for the university – so the Mitel Performance Analytics monitoring gives us confidence that we can avoid downtime”, said Voice Services Manager Richard Lefebvre.

Mitel Performance Analytics also has a role to play in accurate forecasting and planning for the voice infrastructure. Reports that summarize traffic volume and trunk utilization over a time period can help save money. For example, usage data can help predict how many trunk licenses will be needed, and ensure you don’t purchase more or less than will be used. MarWatch offers the industry’s deepest visibility into Mitel’s systems, to provide accurate and useful data.

Like any software platform release, MarWatch 5.0 is driven by big ideas. Growth in cloud-hosted UC and the challenge of managing increased complexity. The need to capture, understand and filter important performance data. Every release also includes some features that seem small – but can have a big impact for customers.

Consider the new ‘Message of the Day’ feature in MarWatch 5.0. The idea was suggested by our customers: service providers and resellers wanted an easy way to get messages to all of their customers quickly. Messages like notifications of maintenance windows, new support hours/contact info or new feature availability would be short and informational.

ScreenHunter_219 Mar. 03 10.00
Prominently displayed at the top of the dashboard in your choice of red, yellow or green, the Message of the Day is ideal for these types of messages. It can also serve as a powerful marketing tool – reaching all customers quickly with the latest promotion or product release.

We’re looking forward to learning how our customers will use this tool for more effective communications with their users. It’s a simple idea – but one we think will add great value.

The business communications network is much like a car – we depend on it daily, and when there is a problem, we need it fixed fast. While the ‘check engine’ light means your credit card is about to heat up, it helps you avoid disaster with early warning. Your mechanic counts on the diagnostic data from your car to identify the source of the problem quickly – just like IT depends on Mitel Performance Analytics for the Mitel business communications network. New testing tools in MarWatch 5.0 make it even easier.

When a problem occurs, it’s typically caused by something that’s happening in the network, which impacts the Mitel equipment. Finding the cause is what service providers and resellers tell us is their biggest challenge. That’s why the recently launched MarWatch 5.0 platform improves the problem resolution toolset, with new active testing tools. First-line IT support staff know that what manifests as a voice quality problem for the user can have a variety of causes, like a busy LAN, a SIP trunk provider outage, or an improperly configured network. The testing tools and secure remote access features in Mitel Performance Analytics simplify problem resolution.

Testing tools now include Ping, Traceroute, iftop, MTR and DNS Lookup. We’ve made them more easily accessible from the main navigation menu, and help desk staff can now see the raw data that will help them identify where the problem occurred. The Ping and Traceroute tools now include response time for even better insight into latency and congestion problems.
There’s more to come as our Mitel Performance Analytics product roadmap unfolds. We understand that access to more data means that a service provider or channel partner can find problems faster and provide convincing evidence to the customer.