Martello BLOG : 2018

HITEC MartelloWe are just unpacking our bags from HITEC last week in Houston. What an amazing opportunity for us to meet so many Martello and Elfiq customers and partners on the show floor. From the starting keynote to the closing parties it was a great week that brought together the brightest technology minds laser focused on improving the guest experience.

If you joined us at our sponsored education session about the “New, New Emerging Technology” or just dropped by the booth to say hello, it was great to meet so many of you at HITEC. For us at Martello, it was a chance to talk one-on-one about how Martello offers a better guest experience with our flexible, modular software and SD-WAN solutions.

At HITEC we heard over and over that real-time communications are at the core of networking challenges facing hospitality providers today. The Internet has revolutionized how mobile workforces access information while away from the office, leveraging bandwidth intensive services like unified communications (UC), video calls and streaming. To keep up with that demand and deliver reliable HSIA, hundreds of properties rely on Martello’s Elfiq SD-WAN Solutions. Read More. 

Transforming the Guest Experience

Is the Internet or plumbing more important when it comes to ensuring guest satisfaction? The answer might surprise you because real-time communications are at the core of networking challenges facing hospitality providers today. How can you be sure that your network is ready to deliver? At HITEC it was great to meet up with our customer the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. With many locations across some of the world’s most prestigious destinations, Mandarin Oriental strives to provide 21st century luxury with oriental charm through distinctive design and a strong sense of place. Find out why the Mandarin Oriental team now has Martello’s Elfiq Link Balancing solutions in most of their properties.  Read the case study.

Next Up: SD-WAN Summit 

Plans are already underway at Martello for our booth at the SD-WAN Summit in Paris, September 26/28. Are you planning on being there? Let us know so that we can continue the conversation, contact us to find out more about Martello or book a time to meet at the SD-WAN Summit in Paris.

A new Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) release means a new series for Feature of the Week. In this series, we break down how MPA R2.3 helps you see problems more easily, adapts to your workflow and provides actionable usage and capacity data for smart network decisions.

Among the most noticeable changes in this release is the redesign of the primary navigation menu. In the previous MPA release, the top-level menu items were labeled with a wrench, plus sign, gear and user icon, which could make it difficult for users to find the feature they were looking for. It was evident that we could do better for the next release.
After reviewing the menu items, a logical grouping was developed to help users navigate through the software and find what they need more easily. By using a semantic naming convention, the top-level menu items are intuitively categorized to improve usability:

  • Network Data – accesses tools to help manage the object
  • Network Tools – accesses tools to test the network
  • System Tools – accesses functions to manage the system
  • System Administration – accesses functions to manage objects: current containers or device settings, users, licenses, thresholds, add new container or device, device discovery and configuration.
  • User – provides the user with general information and the ability to control their session.

Different menu items are presented depending on the user’s privilege level and the dashboard context.

Additionally, the container and device navigation tree display is now enhanced to show container hierarchy more clearly.

With the redesign of the primary navigation, it is much easier to access data and tools for a better user experience. For more on the features of MPA, take a look at our MPA 2.3 Primer or the MPA Demo Videos.

Real-time communications are at the core of networking challenges facing hospitality providers today. Next week, a team from Martello will be heading down to HITEC.  If you are planning on attending the show, chances are you will be checking into a hotel and you’ll be expecting lightning quick internet and easy communications with the front desk, as part of the other standard amenities. Martello will be attending HITEC so we can show how we help hotels deliver on this promise, improving the guest experience while keeping costs in check.

Meet Martello at booth #1729 to find out how you can build the agile and resilient network infrastructure that is needed for real-time services like unified communications. We offer flexible and modular SD-WAN and performance management tools  with ‘as a service’ delivery options.

Book your calendar! Martello is proud to be sponsoring an education session at HITEC: Emerging Technologies – The New, New Things on Tuesday, June 19th @ 4pm. Join us to find out how you can keep pace with technology trends in an industry where patrons have sky high expectations.

So many reasons why we are counting down to HITEC!