Martello BLOG : 2018

Tools that integrate easily with your existing workflow and IT operations make network monitoring easier. That’s the key principle behind our next set of Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) R2.3 capabilities in our Feature of the Week Series. We look at Custom Alarm Filters which give you more flexibility than ever when it comes to seeing only the alarms that matter to you.

Best Practice: Multiple Alert Notifications

Alert profiles allow you to configure MPA so it provides notification for certain types of alarms. Notifications can be sent via email, to a desktop, SMS, Twitter Direct Message, or by a SNMP trap.

A best practice for managing network performance effectively is using multiple notification formats for a single alarm. You can set up an alert profile so you are notified by email for all major and critical alarms during working hours and by SMS for critical alarms only after working hours.
Mitel Performance Analytics Feature of the Week: Custom Alarm Filter

Alarm Filtering in MPA R2.3

In the latest release, MPA gives users even greater flexibility and control over the types of alerts they receive, with custom alarms set to filter for severity, content or device type.
The alarm filter criteria include:

  • Alarm text contains/doesn’t contain specified keyword
  • Alarm has specified severity
  • Alarm has specified label
  • Alarm was raised about one or more selected device types.

This capability makes it easy for IT admins to manage service level commitments to different customers, by filtering through the data to alert you to only what is most important. For instance, you can customize your dashboard to display only 24/7 customer alarms at night or set only major alarms to be sent according to SLA level. Custom alarm filters ensure you receive alerts more effectively so that you can action the right alarms at the right time.
MPA R2.3 helps you pinpoint the issues that are most critical to your customers, for fast resolution and the prevention of downtime. For more features that integrate network monitoring into a customer’s existing operations workflow, take a look at our MPA 2.3 Primer or the MPA 2.3 Demo Video.

Customer Success Summit 2018Martello has been ramping up its Customer Success program over the past year, and to take our game to the next level, our Customer Success Specialist, Ankita Saini, spent some time at the Customer Success Summit in Toronto last month. There, she gathered insights from specialists in the field including Mary Trick, Chief Customer Officer at INFOR, and Perry Monaco, Head of Customer Success at LinkedIn Canada. Here’s a glimpse into what she learned.

The Summit, which ran from June 26-27, was an opportunity to learn from experts in the field the tips and tricks that will help companies like Martello provide a better customer experience and ensure our users are getting the most out of Martello’s products. While there were many lessons learned, three key takeaways stood out.

1. Customer Profiles
The idea of a 360° Customer View was reinforced at the conference. A 360° Customer View provides key information on the customer in one place –  from deployment details to type of customer to the customer’s vertical. Tracking the customer’s journey from day one offers a better perspective of the customer’s experience across all channels. This allows for a unified view of all customer touchpoints which can be accessed by everyone in the organization.
Customer Success Summit 2018
An important and often overlooked component of customer profile development is evaluation. A great tool for evaluation is the creation of Customer Success Plans (CSP) that reflect the customer’s journey.

What does a strong CSP look like?

  1. It provides measurable goals that are assessed on an annual basis and clearly demonstrates success.
  2. It must be transparent; the customer is aware that the CSP is in place.
  3. It provides information and acts as a learning opportunity for the customer so they can upskill as necessary.
  4. It should be a dynamic document that is revisited and adjusted as needed every quarter.
  5. There is mutual ownership of the CSP between the organization and the customer.

2. Account Segmentation
Another strategy that was reinforced at the Customer Success Summit was Account Segmentation. As any customer success specialist knows, no two customers are alike. Hence account segmentation is required.
Here at Martello, our Customer Success program includes a segmentation strategy, called an Engagement Score Model, which was implemented at a very early stage.
Customer Success Specialist
Typically, Customer Success would split customers into three groups:

  1. High Touch: These customers have a high growth potential, and require special attention to help them attain that growth.
  2. Low Touch: These customers are doing well but still have the potential to grow more.
  3. Tech Touch: These are our self-sufficient customers. We should ensure a relationship is maintained because they are excellent product advocates and can help with product road mapping.

3. KPI’s and Health Scores
Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are essential for Customer Success. They help us track usage frequency, license renewals and upgrades, and how many users and devices are added to a service.
Performance can also be tracked with Net Promoter Scores to help calculate and evaluate brand loyalty amongst customers.
Customer Success Summit 2018Without a doubt, the Customer Success Conference was not only a great learning opportunity, but it confirmed the value of the processes we have in place. We look forward to introducing new strategies to expand and improve our customer success approach, as well as refining and honing in on what already makes our model successful.

Martello's Employee-Directed Gift Program Heron Gate is a community in the south end of Ottawa that most recently, has been at the center of many negative headlines. But one Martello employee has made it his mission to change the conversation around this community. Paul Howard (a Heron Gate native) became involved with Heron Gate when he started coaching his sons’ football team, the Ottawa South Mustangs. What started as an excuse to spend more time with his own kids quickly sparked a passion to help the Heron Gate kids that played on the same team as his own boys. In 2014, Paul was awarded NFL’s Youth Coach of the Year award for his contributions to what the NFL deemed a “community at risk”.

Despite the fact that it is home to the largest number of low-income children in Ottawa, Heron Gate is an incredibly underserved community. A homework club, catering to only 15 kids twice a week is the only free drop-in service currently being offered in the area. See what Paul had to say in an article in the Ottawa Citizen:Heron Gate’s disadvantaged community needs bolder vision.
Martello's Employee-Directed Gift Program
Paul’s mission is to foster relationships through mentorship and expand the activities offered to kids in the community. Which is why he turned to Martello’s Employee-Directed Gift Program, to help bring more positive news to the area. With the help of Martello, Paul gave away 1,000 popsicles to the Heron Gate kids on July 9th as part of Popsicles in the Park. The weather was perfect as the Heron Gate children enjoyed their popsicles and an educational show from Little Ray’s Reptiles at Sandalwood Park. Members of the Ottawa Redblacks and Ottawa Fury also came out to show their support to the children in the community. The event also paved the way for plans to initiate sustainable literacy, arts, and coding programs.

Most importantly, Paul hopes the event will highlight the many achievements of these local children and help to empower their mothers. By turning negative headlines into stories of success, Paul hopes to build a positive environment with more opportunity for the kids of Heron Gate. Martello Technologies was delighted to be a part of this wonderful event, and is proud to have Paul, an incredible advocate, mentor and role model to these children, as a part of our team.