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CASE STUDY: Conrad Dubai

Conrad Dubai is a 51-storey luxury hotel, located in Dubai’s commercial center on Sheikh Zayed Road. The 555-room property was officially opened in 2013. The hospitality sector has its own particularities – 24/7 High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) has become essential to guests, who have come to expect it as a bare minimum when choosing a destination, or corporate clients, who rent conference rooms and reception halls. As part of one of Hilton’s luxury brands, Conrad Dubai feels this requirement daily.


Conrad Dubai has always delivered on the promise of quality HSIA to its guests. However, leased lines (i.e.: private circuits, private lines) are particularly expensive in Dubai, and the property was planning to replace its costly line with multiple lower bandwidth ADSL links. The move would provide considerable savings on a monthly basis. Yet, despite the savings, they were afraid that it would be at the expense of performance, which was an unacceptable risk. They continued to look for an alternative.

This is a fairly common scenario. In order to prevent the catastrophic losses that would follow even the shortest period of downtime, organizations are reluctantly recognizing the need to spend large amounts of money on reliable, predictable, safe private lines. However, problems can still arise, even with the safest of ISPs. A sudden storm, a zealous construction worker, a hungry squirrel… The risk of losing connectivity is still very real, and with it the risk of losing guests.

“I was paying huge amounts for Internet with one Leased Line, and wished to substitute it with multiple ADSL Lines.”
Mahmoud Karaki
Conrad Dubai

An easy solution is to plan ahead and keep a second emergency line, just in case. While this can be a viable plan, it’s also all the more costly, as leased lines remain active all year round, but only a fraction of the bandwidth is being used… And when one line is cut by a stray jackhammer, odds are that the second one will suffer a similar fate.


The solution came to the Conrad Dubai through word-of-mouth. A gentleman who used to work at a supplier providing the property with HSIA support suggested that the hotel looked into Martello’s Elfiq Networks link balancing technology. What they found answered the two challenges they were facing: it was an affordable solution which would help them save on the cost of their bandwidth from day one, and one which would manage the all ADSL lines to avoid any performance loss. Martello’s Elfiq Networks Link Balancer enables organizations like Conrad Dubai to proactively manage traffic through multiple concurrent ISP or WAN links, and leverage unused bandwidth to avoid adding new links. The property opted for the LBX2600, a device capable of managing up to 64 circuits, for a total of 2Gbps, full duplex. Deploying a LBX2600 device from Martello`s Elfiq Networks allowed the hotel to save on its monthly bandwidth.

“I was afraid that adopting multiple ADSL lines would reduce the speed, but it didn’t — it’s stable as if I had a leased line. I currently have 620 Mbps worth of bandwidth with the LBX2600, and I am now planning to increase the bandwidth to 1.1 Gbps.”
Mahmoud Karaki
Conrad Dubai

The device also offers scalability. At 620Mbps, Conrad Dubai could have opted for Martello’s Elfiq LBX900, which can manage throughput up to 800Mbps. The hotel decided to go with a higher model, in order to allow for the growing bandwidth demands it knows will inevitably come. Adding more circuits can be done seamlessly and easily, on demand, without having to worry about unused bandwidth, and can be put to use from the very moment it is hooked up to the Link Balancer.

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