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CASE STUDY: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is a British international hotel management company offering luxury hotels, resorts and residences in Asia, Europe and the Americas. With many locations across some of the world’s most prestigious destinations, Mandarin Oriental strives to provide 21st century luxury with oriental charm through distinctive design and a strong sense of place.


The Internet has revolutionized how mobile workforces access information while away from the office, enabling them to keep up with their customers and their offices faster than ever before. To
meet this need, hospitality providers began offering their customers high-speed Internet access (HSIA) in guest rooms a few years ago. Mobile workers grew accustomed to this service, quickly setting a new level of expectations for their stays.

Currently, Internet access is considered as critical as plumbing and electricity in guest requirements — if not more.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has a rich history that goes back to the late 1800’s with the opening of the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. They have continued to evolved with the needs of their guests over the years, and delivering quality HSIA was part of that. However, with the increasing bandwidth requirements of applications such as Skype, Netflix and YouTube, the strain on Mandarin Oriental Hotels’ networks increased every year.

“Customer satisfaction was negatively affected. We were looking for a way to perform ISP failover to provide better internet connectivity to our guests.”
Javier Garcia
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group


The Mandarin Oriental team decided to try Martello’s Elfiq Link Balancing solutions. The recommendation had come from peers in other companies who were already clients of Elfiq Networks.

Not only did the product solve the bandwidth challenges, but it could also be deployed in such a way that could protect hotels against both planned and unplanned outages alike. Available in “failover kit” pairs, Elfiq devices can add a second layer of security and resilience. Should one device become unresponsive, a second one will seamlessly continue traffic management and operations while alerting the IT department.


Today, most Mandarin Oriental properties own LBX2600 Series Failover Kits from Martello’s Elfiq Networks. The Hotel Group can count on a solid international network of value-added resellers to assist local properties in purchasing and deploying new devices when the need arises, and on Martello and Elfiq’s professional services team to perform remote configuration.

Adding more circuits can be done seamlessly and effortlessly, on demand, without the worry of unused bandwidth, and can be put to use from the very moment it is hooked to the Link Balancer.


“We have deployed the LBX2600 Series in most of our properties around the world, allowing us to offer uninterrupted HSIA to our guests. I would recommend these solutions to any hotel property.”
Javier Garcia
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group


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