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HITEC MartelloWe are just unpacking our bags from HITEC last week in Houston. What an amazing opportunity for us to meet so many Martello and Elfiq customers and partners on the show floor. From the starting keynote to the closing parties it was a great week that brought together the brightest technology minds laser focused on improving the guest experience.

If you joined us at our sponsored education session about the “New, New Emerging Technology” or just dropped by the booth to say hello, it was great to meet so many of you at HITEC. For us at Martello, it was a chance to talk one-on-one about how Martello offers a better guest experience with our flexible, modular software and SD-WAN solutions.

At HITEC we heard over and over that real-time communications are at the core of networking challenges facing hospitality providers today. The Internet has revolutionized how mobile workforces access information while away from the office, leveraging bandwidth intensive services like unified communications (UC), video calls and streaming. To keep up with that demand and deliver reliable HSIA, hundreds of properties rely on Martello’s Elfiq SD-WAN Solutions. Read More. 

Transforming the Guest Experience

Is the Internet or plumbing more important when it comes to ensuring guest satisfaction? The answer might surprise you because real-time communications are at the core of networking challenges facing hospitality providers today. How can you be sure that your network is ready to deliver? At HITEC it was great to meet up with our customer the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. With many locations across some of the world’s most prestigious destinations, Mandarin Oriental strives to provide 21st century luxury with oriental charm through distinctive design and a strong sense of place. Find out why the Mandarin Oriental team now has Martello’s Elfiq Link Balancing solutions in most of their properties.  Read the case study.

Next Up: SD-WAN Summit 

Plans are already underway at Martello for our booth at the SD-WAN Summit in Paris, September 26/28. Are you planning on being there? Let us know so that we can continue the conversation, contact us to find out more about Martello or book a time to meet at the SD-WAN Summit in Paris.

Today’s business communications network is more complex than ever – and users have high expectations for reliability and service quality. problemsolved504226It’s created a perfect storm for enterprise IT professionals and telecom resellers. Mitel customers and partners have a secret weapon: Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA). This UC Performance Management solution tackles complexity and ensures Mitel systems always function optimally. Here’s just a glimpse of the problems you will solve with MPA:

1. We spend too much time trying to get systems back up when they fail – We want you to be proactive and prevent downtime, rather than picking up the pieces afterwards. That’s where performance monitoring and alarm management come in. MPA has a series of severity thresholds for voice quality and other metrics such as memory utilization. Devices on the network are monitored on a 24/7 basis, and when a threshold is maximized or breached, you’ll receive an alarm – allowing you to address the issue BEFORE it can cause downtime.

2. Sending a technician onsite every time there’s a problem is too costly – We can help you eliminate up to 80% of onsite visits. Every Mitel device can be accessed remotely, without the need for a VPN, from the MPA dashboard. This means cost-effective troubleshooting without truck rolls.

3. We know there’s a problem, but we can’t pinpoint the source – Mitel reseller ComRes found that MPA simplified the task of identifying the cause of the problem. “In a geographically widespread network, there are multiple components, including different ISPs and internet connection types. That makes it more difficult to know what is causing a problem. With MPA, we can isolate an issue more specifically to the right location or ISP, and access these locations remotely”

4. Phones are disconnected, and we don’t know it – MPA monitors IP handset connectivity to MiVoice Business or Mitel Border Gateway. A real-time alert is generated if a handset is disconnected or unprogrammed, ensuring the issue is detected before any losses can occur

5. Our network has multi-vendor equipment that we want to monitor without using a separate tool – MPA specializes in Mitel equipment. However, recognizing the many components of the network infrastructure, MPA can provide basic monitoring (availability/reachability, system information) for any IP device. The software also supports monitoring of a range of device types: routers, servers, managed Ethernet switches, call recorders, voice mail.

6. It’s hard to produce good reports that show what’s happening on the network – MPA helps IT professionals demonstrate service level agreement assurance, and assists with capacity planning. Reports can be generated on demand or monthly that deliver service level data on all of the devices for a customer, region or specific location.

7. Preventing downtime is especially important for some of my customers – Some customers operate in a mission-critical environment, in which downtime of the communications system can cause lost revenues or even danger to occupants. MPA helps prevent downtime, giving you peace of mind. Some Mitel authorizedPARTNERs choose to adopt MPA as part of the Premium Software Assurance & Support subscription*, which also delivers Mitel software updates and 24/7 Mitel support.

8. I’m a small reseller, and it’s harder to compete with the bigger players – MPA is the ultimate equalizer! Even the smallest reseller can support customers around the globe with MPA. MPAhelps IT departments do more with less, since the software is constantly monitoring systems, and alerting you when something needs attention.

9. We have difficulty with weekend/off hours coverage for network support – MPA simplifies support of business communications networks during off hours. Alerts can be dispatched via email, SMS or Twitter, and special conditions can be set for off-hours. For example, the system can be configured to only send Critical or Major Alarms on the weekend, ensuring that staff is only dealing with true emergencies on weekends or evenings.

10. Our IT staff can’t keep up with support calls –MPA reduces the demands placed on your IT department. Since IT staff is alerted before the issue can impact service quality, you’ll have it fixed before the user can detect it. Mitel’s Remote Monitoring and Access Service (RMAS), which uses MPA, is also an option for those requiring a managed monitoring service.

*Premium Software Assurance & Support Mitel Performance Analytics offer is available to Partner sales on Mitel premise-based products. It is not applicable to Service Provider CapEx offers or Subscription licensing.

As Mitel deepens and expands its offerings to cloud-hosted, on-premise and hybrid unified communications customers, so too does Martello’s MarWatch software. After all, Mitel partners and end users rely on the fault & performance management capabilities in MarWatch – specifically designed for Mitel UC solutions. Released today, MarWatch 4.11 features:

Support for MiVoice Business V7.0, with two key new capabilities:

  •  CPU utilization monitoring
  •  Process resource utilization monitoring


MiContact Center Alarm Management
Alarms generated by the MiContact Center application are now integrated with MarWatch. This feature simplifies alarm management when monitoring multiple Mitel UC devices and applications.
MiContact Center alarms are displayed in the MarWatch dashboard with their corresponding MiContact Center alarm code, and are dispatched to appropriate staff via email, SMS or Twitter – like other MarWatch alarms.