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Why We Merged with SD WAN Player Elfiq Networks

It’s no secret that Martello is ready to launch its next phase of growth – we’ve experienced rapid expansion via our strong partnership with Mitel, delivering UC performance management SaaS to 5,000+ customers in more than 20 countries around the world. To start 2018 with a bang, we announced a key milestone: a merger with SD WAN link balancing and bandwidth optimization company Elfiq Networks. Reaction was swift: OBJ identified Martello as a ‘company to watch’ in 2018, even suggesting that Martello “could end up being the city’s biggest tech story of 2018.”
Martello Elfiq Merger
It’s a heady but not implausible proposition, as we set out to create a new market leader in the management of UC network performance. Why have we chosen this path to growth? Well, let’s take a look at what the market is telling us. First, digital transformation is becoming a strategic imperative for businesses to stay competitive. Digital transformation may seem like a buzzword, but what it really means is using new and exciting technologies like IoT and AI to make communication, collaboration and the customer experience better. Second, cloud is the platform for digital transformation – and as the UC industry moves to the cloud, it’s clear that some complexity has resulted. In a recent survey, 83% of IT professionals said troubleshooting network problems was as difficult or worse after deploying cloud technology. Finally, SD WAN has emerged as a key technology in delivering network continuity and stability – something that is very important to UC deployment success. IDC pegs the annual growth rate for SD WAN solutions at 69% – a rapidly growing market, to be sure.

So, what does this mean for Martello? You’ll have to watch this space as we work towards a key launch at this year’s Enterprise Connect in March. We’ll leverage the strengths of our combined team: in SD WAN, in UC performance management SaaS, in understanding how UC performs on cloud networks. As Martello CEO John Proctor said in announcing the merger: “This transaction offers value for customers and shareholders. We’ll grow faster and solve our customer’s problems more effectively, and will be well positioned to accelerate market share through both organic growth and future acquisitions”.

One thing’s certain: there’s momentum building and excitement in the air – it’s palpable whether in our Kanata headquarters or in our Montreal and Paris offices as we kick off the new year. Could Martello really be Ottawa’s “biggest tech story of 2018”? We’re hard at work to make it happen – ask us how!