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Established in 1891 as a small privately owned foundry and machine shop, GIW Industries is a manufacturer of standard & custom centrifugal slurry pumps. After more than a century of facility expansion and technology growth, in 1996 GIW became a full subsidiary of KSB Group, one of the leading producers of pumps, valves and related systems.

Headquartered in Georgia, GIW Industries has 4 branch sales & service offices in the US and Canada. The company chose Mitel for its business communications needs, but needed the right tools to effectively monitor and manage these systems.

GIW Industries had other management tools, but found them inadequate for monitoring Mitel systems. “Other tools didn’t offer appropriate support of our Mitel systems, leaving us with a gap in our ability to manage and monitor the devices and applications on our network”, said Lucas McCuistian, Supervisor of Server Operations for GIW Industries.

McCuistian wanted a management and monitoring solution that would specifically address their Mitel unified communications system, giving them visibility into call statistics and voice quality, as well as systems such as call accounting. Backed by Mitel authorizedPARTNER MXN, GIW Industries deployed Mitel Performance Analytics, MPA. Tightly integrated to Mitel unified communications solutions, MPA features secure remote access for cost effective troubleshooting, 24/7 performance monitoring, and alerts for issues predictive of failure.

Rather than manage equipment in multiple locations using a variety of tools, GIW can now access them via a single pane of glass. To make the solution more valuable, MPA includes support for third-party components of the network infrastructure such as routers, servers, call recorders and managed Ethernet switches. For GIW Industries, adopting MPA has made it easier to maintain service quality:

“Mitel Performance Analytics gives us greater control over the devices on our business communications network, keeping them running smoothly and avoiding downtime”.

Doug Bellinger joined Martello in May as VP, Research & Development. In this role, he takes responsibility for guiding future product development, as well as managing Martello’s growing team of developers and operations staff.

Q: Why did you decide to join the company?

I love to work in a fast growing start up environment. Opportunities to join a start up that already has 1000 customers don’t come along every day, and I could tell in my first meeting with Bruce Linton and Niall Gallagher that Martello was on to something that was critically important for Unified Communications services.

Q: Which of your previous roles have been key in shaping your path to Martello?

I was one of the founders of CrossKeys, which was the first of Newbridge Network’s affiliate companies. This introduced me to a lot of the people at Mitel and the Wesley Clover companies. It also taught me a lot about the value that an agile software provider like Martello can provide to a large global partner like Mitel.

Throughout my career I’ve worked on multi-vendor management solutions for networks and services. As Mitel integrates the capabilities of its acquisitions and partnerships, Martello will be able to provide the critical management software to ensure high levels of service quality. For Mitel distributors, partners, and customers, our expertise in multivendor solutions will mean that we can extend our management capabilities to provide and end-to-end view of service quality.

Q: What are your top priorities in the short-medium term at Martello?

We have an excellent product and a great development team. We’ll be scaling the team up to expand our product line, and building up a support infrastructure that can take us from 1000 customers to more than 10,000.

On the staffing side, the priority is finding the next 10-20 great members of the Martello team. We’ll be looking for solid technology leaders with a range of experience levels from co-ops to senior managers.

On the development side our priorities are to expand the platform capabilities with things like advanced, predictive analytics, while extending its scope to include a wider range of devices and systems.

Q: You wake up on Saturday morning with nothing planned – what’s your ideal way to spend the day?

Our family stays pretty busy skiing in the winter and playing tennis in the summer. Some things that we did this summer include kayaking in the Rideau Lakes, going to a soccer tournament in Vermont, and seeing Liverpool play Manchester City at Yankee Stadium. If I still manage to get some free time here and there I build robots in my workshop.

Managing a unified communications (UC) network infrastructure that extends to multiple locations can be challenging. In the 24/7 hotel industry, uptime is critical to guest service, making this task even more daunting. Firmdale Hotels tackled this problem head-on, deploying Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), UC  performance management to monitor and manage service quality for their Mitel UC solution.

The Challenge

Firmdale Hotels are a group of 8 boutique hotels in London and New York, known for their high standards of excellence and unique townhouse style of decoration. The company’s winning approach has been recognized with a number of awards, including the Queens Award for Enterprise in 2000, 2006 and 2009, in recognition of its outstanding achievement to international trade. The company recently launched the latest addition to its London portfolio – the Ham Yards urban village in Soho.

Firmdale chose a Mitel unified communications solution for its hotels. The solution’s simplicity and flexibility have contributed to improved reachability of staff and greater efficiency. To complement this streamlined communications infrastructure, Firmdale needed a management and monitoring tool that would assist the IT department in maintaining round the clock reliability. Uptime is critically important in the hotel industry, and with devices and applications spread across multiple locations, Firmdale wanted greater control over this infrastructure.

The Solution

Working with Mitel authorizedPARTNER 4Sight Communications, Firmdale deployed Mitel Performance Analytics, UC performance management software, which is designed to monitor and manage Mitel UC solutions. Today, the company can manage devices in all of its locations from a single pane of glass. It’s an important convenience for Firmdale’s IT department, as they previously had to access each Mitel device separately using different logins. “Accessing Mitel devices with a single login saves us time and allows us to troubleshoot problems without onsite visits”, said Mark Rupert Read, Director of IT for Firmdale Hotels. “We also appreciate that this access is secure, giving us peace of mind”.

MPA has brought other benefits to Firmdale’s IT operations. The software monitors the performance, availability and reachability of Mitel devices on a 24/7 basis, as well as third-party applications such as routers, servers and voice mail. When an issue such as low voice quality or high memory utilization is detected, an alert is dispatched to IT staff in real-time via email, SMS or Twitter.

“Quick alerting to exceeded thresholds for service quality has a significant impact on our business, ensuring we avoid downtime for our critical unified communications systems”, said Mr. Read

The MPA dashboard takes management of Mitel unified communications a step further, with at-a-glance reporting of trends and statistics by device and by location. Using a standard web browser from a PC or mobile device, Firmdale can monitor the performance of their systems on an ongoing and historical basis: “Insight into statistics and trends on our network helps us to plan more effectively and ensure optimal performance”, said Mr. Read.

Firmdale’s success with MPA is bolstered by the support and expertise of authorizedPARTNER 4Sight Communications. An early adopter of MPA, 4Sight understands the value of proactive UC management.

In Mitel Performance Analytics, Firmdale now has a powerful tool at its fingertips, ensuring their business communications network will always be as responsive and reliable as the guest service they have become known for.