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Trick or Treat? Why Managing the Edge Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Watching a scary Halloween horror movie is not for the faint of heart. These movies often start off slow but as they progress the foolish choices of the characters have you on high alert for the jump-scare that you know is coming!

Network administration can sometimes be the same nail-biting, edge of your seat – ‘oh, what is going to go wrong next?’- experience. So, how can you take the scary aspects out of network administration? First off, when assessing your network, it is always a good idea to identify the ‘weakest link’. WAN links continue to be some of the most critical parts of any IT infrastructure, and in some cases, they are indeed a network’s weakest link. It’s no secret that the growing adoption of cloud services and SaaS-based applications is making them even more critical. As companies move applications to the cloud, bandwidth consumption is being shifted from the enterprise to the Internet, straining the infrastructure at the network edge and impacting the user experience.

Like those scary Halloween movies, you often don’t see the villain coming until its too late. For Administrators, typically the first indication that there is a problem is when users start complaining that their applications are slow or crashing. Just imagine that you are streaming that spooky Halloween movie and in that critical moment, your network drops.

There are many reasons why this might happen:

  • Too much traffic. If too many employees try to access cloud-based applications at the same time, the WAN link can perform more slowly than expected, especially during a “rush hour” when users first log in at the start of a workday.
  • Equipment failures. When a router or modem fails to operate normally, it causes the Internet link to halt operation. This could be a blip or a longer outage, which could impact operations.
  • ISP issues. Problems with the ISP infrastructure, whether a server failure or a cut fiber link, can strain or interrupt service to your business.

Managing the network at the Edge does not have to frighten you – in today’s cloud-driven environment, eliminating potential points of failure is critical to providing services to both employees and customers. The movement to the cloud isn’t going to stop – it’s only growing. Businesses need to meet this trend head-on by deploying flexible bandwidth management solutions that optimize and adjust their bandwidth supply in a cost-efficient way. Balancing Internet traffic across many links allows enterprises to provide better user experience and prevent outages, and at the same time supply the network availability and redundancy that their mission-critical applications require.

This Halloween, pop some popcorn and get ready to enjoy those scary movies!  Be prepared to be scared, knowing that with the right infrastructure in place, your network doesn’t need to frighten you.