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Martello makes it easier for clients looking to replace or update their aging network to build an affordable, resilient WAN infrastructure across multiple circuits and VPNs for business continuity and enhanced network performance.

SD-WAN aims to support multiple connection types and VPNs between sites, offer dynamic and flexible WAN connectivity, reduce costs, improve network performance and provide a simple management interface. Elfiq Networks products improve network performance by allowing smarter bandwidth management, added flexibility and higher responsiveness. Working together with Elfiq Central, our hardware, virtual and Cloud solutions can help safely create and maintain a powerful SD-WAN, and provide organizations with unprecedented control over their devices and network.

With ATLAS, Martello’s Elfiq Networks makes it even easier for organizations to finally move away from overbearing connectivity contracts and capitalize on carrier diversity, gaining resilience and performance while reducing the cost of bandwidth.

Build your own SD-WAN

Martello’s Elfiq Layer-2 design allows our products to support our most powerful Hybrid WAN options like Flex Multipath Routing (FMR) and Elfiq STREAM VPN. Elfiq Central further facilitates the deployment of such products and features, making it easier than ever to benefit from added network performance and flexibility, business continuity and smarter path selection, while replacing WAN links by leveraging traditional internet links as site-to-site VPN tunnels.

SMARTER PATH SELECTION – Turn bandwidth and connectivity management from multiple carriers complexity into a competitive advantage by transparently leveraging simultaneous WAN clouds, mixing public and private links for added flexibility while providing seamless failover, delivering increased throughput and smarter WAN path selection.

CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENTElfiq Central offers unprecedented visibility over your network’s health while distributing decision making intelligence across all paths. This all-inclusive platform allows users to control all their Elfiq Networks devices, whether they’re deployed physically on site, in virtual environments or in the Cloud. Among the great functionalities available with Elfiq Central, users can benefit from centralised configuration, firmware management, increased visibility and reporting, zero-touch provisioning, and many more.

INCREASED SECURITY – With Firewall capabilities and Denial of Service protection features, our SD-WAN solution adds a layer of security at the branch level.

ZERO-TOUCH PROVISIONING – All you need is a person on-site to put the right cable in the right port. Your device will automatically retrieve its configuration automatically, allowing you to concentrate on your organisation.

SCALABILITY – Protect your investment by upgrading your licenses as your bandwidth requirements evolve. With STREAM VPN, Elfiq Networks is among the only SD-WAN providers to offer unlimited VPN meshing between sites.

API-READY – Our team is continuously developing new business-centric add-ons to increase our platform’s customisation capabilities, offering an incrementally flexible sandbox which can be automated through standard REST API.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS – Elfiq Networks provides a much needed alternative of high-end performance at a competitive price, offering a high return on investment (ROI) while helping lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for wide area networks (WAN).

Optimise your bandwidth

Elfiq Networks takes pride in always being at the forefront of innovation. Organisations of all sizes can achieve dynamic, flexible WAN connectivity by taking advantage of powerful products and features.

GEOLINK – With Global Geolink, organisations can design and implement infrastructures which will be resilient and will be able to process data even if sites go dark as long as one is operating.

iDNS – Proactively balance inbound traffic requests coming into your network. iDNS is commonly used to balance key services and ensure 100% availability for roaming client VPNs, web-based applications, transactional sites, web-based email and SMTP traffic.

QUANTUM PERFORMANCE PACKS – Double the performance on specified devices with Quantum Performance Packs.

SITEPATHMTPXSitePathMTPX WAN bandwidth virtualization is an innovative feature enabling point to point application acceleration and resilience, creating the opportunity for organisations to maximize multisite communications and services.

APPOPTIMIZERGet full control over your existing and future bandwidth, guaranteeing key applications such as XenDesktop or Skype get priority treatment and undesirables such as peer-to-peer file transfers or games are limited or no longer permitted.

Download the “Taming the SD-WAN Beast” whitepaper

Download the “Taming the SD-WAN Beast” whitepaper

Download the product brief

Download the product brief

Contact our technical support team for assistance building the optimal SD-WAN solution

Contact our technical support team for assistance building the optimal SD-WAN solution



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