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Martello shows the real-time status of business services and allows both IT operations and IT service management to see end-user issues before they call the service desk. By acknowledging and creating an incident proactively, it can drastically reduce the number of end-user calls to the service desk and up to 50% of the problem resolution time. Root-cause analysis can be started immediately, and correlated issues can be highlighted whether they are end-user, application, or infrastructure-related. This proactive use of monitoring information helps organizations mature their IT operations by aligning it with their existing BMC investment.

For BMC and Martello customers this means having the power to:

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Manage incidents from BMC Remedy centrally in iQ.

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Integrations available for 28+ solutions, allowing you to add and manage alerts, objects and incidents in one place.

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Monitor and trend Service Level Agreements and know before a breach occurs.

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Add any relevant information to incidents from other sources that iQ integrates with for fast and accurate root-cause analysis and incident management.

Improve team productivity by expediting ticketing processes and focusing on solutions to critical events.

Functional Specifications

  1. Retrieve all CIs that inherit from the BMC_BaseElement class. By default, the BMC.ASSET data set is used.
  2. Retrieve all relationships between the Cis from the BMC_BaseRelationship class.
  3. Retrieve all incidents using the HPD:IncidentInterface interface.
  4. An Incident is created in the incident table using the HPD:IncidentInterface_Create form.
  5. An Incident is be updated using the HPD:IncidentInterface interface.

Martello provides the only end-to-end Microsoft Teams performance monitoring tool that Microsoft recommends to their customers to maximize employee productivity.

Our solution Vantage DX proactively monitors Microsoft 365 and Teams service quality, enabling IT with complete visibility of the user experience to ease troubleshooting of issues before they impact users.

Find out why Martello is Microsoft’s go-to-solution for Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring >>

Vantage DX Dashboard

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