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Martello shows the real-time status of business services and allows both IT operations and IT service management to see end-user issues before they call the service desk. By acknowledging and creating an incident proactively, it can drastically reduce the number of end-user calls to the service desk and up to 50% of the problem resolution time. Root-cause analysis can be started immediately, and correlated issues can be highlighted whether they are end-user, application, or infrastructure-related. This proactive use of monitoring information helps organizations mature their IT operations by aligning it with their existing Provance investment.

For Provance and Martello customers, this means having the power to:

  • Avoid missing real-time incident information by linking all relevant details back to the original ticket, avoiding duplicates.
  • Automate the incident creation process from within iQ
  • Receive bi-directional updates as progress is made towards resolution.
  • Improve uptime through alert correlation and automated incident management.
  • Centralize all alerts and incidents into one simple to use interface.
  • Search for related alerts and group them into unique incidents that can be created as a single incident.
  • Seamlessly navigate between Martello iQ and Provance products.

Functional Specifications

  1. Retrieval of Incidents
  2.  An Incident can be created in the incident table.
  3. An Incident can be updated in the incident table.

Don’t see your integration?
Custom integrations are available upon request.

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