Edge Security

Keeping your network safe.

Edge Security

Martello takes pride in always being at the forefront of innovation, adding performance and security to its products to ensure that our clients can protect their data and their network.

STATEFUL FIREWALL – Whereas many firewalls offer active-passive failover solutions, which are no substitute for a multi-link bandwidth aggregation architecture our devices can replace common Edge firewalls by offering stateful firewall capabilities of its own.

SESSION-GUARD – Every device manufactured by Martello comes with the Session Guard feature, designed to protect itself from Denial of Service (DoS & DDoS) attacks. When an attack is identified, this feature will intentionally drop packets from suspicious sources (shunning), preventing the device and the network from suffering saturation.

TRANSPARENT DESIGN – Because it’s a Layer 2 solution at its core, Martello’s technology is invisible to attackers and, since it does not have an IP address of its own, can not be targeted. This constitutes a key advantage, as opposed to devices from other vendors, which can become single points of failure.

STREAM VPN – Martello provides unlimited VPN meshing between sites through STREAM VPN. By relying on multi-PSK management performed dynamically by Elfiq Central, and by encrypting traffic per flow, STREAM VPN is a secure alternative that doesn’t require tunnels to remain open at all times.

MODULAR APPLIANCES – Martello’s appliances were designed to provide multiple network functions on their own without relying on third-party equipment. As such, each device can be configured to separate public and private traffic and to protect each network with its own dedicated firewall and VPN gateway.

INTEROPERABILITY – Thanks to Martello’s innovative Layer 2 design, every LBX, and ATLAS device is firewall-agnostic, and can be integrated into virtually any network infrastructure and interoperate with preexisting security appliances or software without requiring any reconfiguration.

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Get Uninterrupted Internet & Cloud Access

Martello Elfiq Link Balancers provide affordable, efficient multiple internet link management.

Martello Elfiq Link Balancers provide affordable, efficient multiple internet link management.