VPN Performance

A staple of modern business communications.

VPN Performance for Multisite Deployments

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a staple of modern business communications. They are often touted as a cheaper alternative to MPLS.

With Martello’s flexible SD-WAN solution, there is room to consolidate robustness and cost-effectiveness while delivering added value. Whether you are opting for an MPLS deployment, VPN or even both, we believe in two main attributes for success: redundancy and optimization.

Martello’s appliances offer two different approaches to VPN

Martello’s Elfiq VPN engine features enable organizations to leverage traditional internet links and use them as site-to-site VPN tunnels. Supplementing or replacing WAN links with Elfiq SSL

VPN is a key for all organizations wanting to optimize their bandwidth while lowering their costs. Martello’s industry-standard SSL VPN is easy to configure and is very secure. Once traffic is sent to the VPN component, it is encapsulated and transported to the remote site. With dynamic DNS capability, this VPN solution is friendly to DHCP or PPPoE links. Simply configure a remote peer and a common passphrase and you are done.

Using SitePathMTPX allows for the VPN to freely change path according to a variety of factors like RTT or effective bandwidth. In fact, SitePathMTPX allows for true link bonding over the Internet.


The constant back and forth key validations between devices provides additional security but can be tedious CPU-intensive when managed at the Edge.

Martello provides an alternative through STREAM VPN, which relies on multi-PSK management performed dynamically by Elfiq Central, the company’s orchestrator. Contrarily to many vendors, STREAM VPN can be encrypted in both AES-128 and AES-256.

Developed as a means to reduce the footprint when compared to conventional VPN methods, STREAM VPN operates at the hardware level, encrypting traffic per flow and neutralizing the intensive requirements put on the processor by other VPN solutions.

With STREAM VPN, clients can benefit from unlimited VPN capabilities within the hardware capacity of their Elfiq device. No longer will multi-site organizations need to design complex hub-and-spoke architectures to avoid taxing their network devices too much. STREAM VPN can handle larger fully-meshed environments than the industry’s typical deployment, as has been demonstrated through third-party validation.

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