Martello NEWS : 2015

By monitoring Mitel voice quality, MarWatch users know when there is a problem. Now, by monitoring the complete infrastructure, they have better insight into where the problem originates.

OTTAWA, ON – November 23, 2015 – Martello Technologies, the leading provider of fault and performance management capabilities for Mitel business communications solutions, announced today that its MarWatch software now supports monitoring of virtually ANY device, using SNMP and SSH protocols. By delivering greater insight into the source of voice quality problems on the network, this capability dramatically expands the value of MarWatch for Mitel service providers and channel partners. MarWatch 5.1, released today, also adds to its Mitel-specific device support capabilities and introduces a new remote IP set testing tool.

While MarWatch specializes in sophisticated performance management for Mitel systems, it can now also monitor the devices in the surrounding network, such as session border controllers, IP DECT gateways, multi-vendor PBX systems and VMWare. Consolidating multi-vendor monitoring systems into one advanced interface, MarWatch SNMP monitoring is simple to configure and use. To learn more, watch the short ‘Monitor ANY device’ MarWatch video.

Longstanding MarWatch user and Mitel channel partner Arden Group recently expanded their product and service portfolio. MarWatch has now become even more valuable: “We can now proactively monitor all of the products Arden Group provides its customers from a single platform – MarWatch. Every IP-CCTV camera, every IP Phone – in fact any IP-enabled device. Without the proactive performance management solution we have in MarWatch, it would be impossible for us to offer high quality managed services to our customers”, said Stefan Bagiensky, Principal Technologist, Arden Group

“We know that when a voice quality problem occurs on Mitel systems, it is usually traced back to a fault in a surrounding network device”, said Martello VP of R&D Doug Bellinger. “Monitoring the entire infrastructure simplifies problem detection, and helps Mitel partners to win more business and drive revenues”.

Today’s MarWatch release also expands Mitel device support to include MiVoice MX-ONE SIP set voice quality monitoring, MiVoice Border Gateway R9 SIP teleworker voice quality, and MiVoice Business SIP trunk utilization/traffic monitoring. The MarWatch R5.1 Detailed Feature Summary offers a complete description of what’s new in MarWatch 5.1.



If you’re in Ottawa tech, you’ve almost certainly heard the name Sir Terry Matthews bandied about. The man is a staple, near legend in the Ottawa tech sector. So when Sir Terry decides to jump on a company you should take notice.

Martello Technologies, provider of fault performance management capabilities for Mitel business communications solutions, has announced today its board of directors, and along with Sir Terry, it seems pretty strong.

Via the press release: ‘Following the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Shareholders. Martello’s Board now includes Chairman Sir Terence Matthews, the founder and Chairman of Wesley Clover International, international finance executive Colley Clarke, seasoned technology lawyer Michael Michalyshyn, and experienced technology executive Don Smith. Martello President and CEO Bruce Linton and Co-Founder and VP Niall Gallagher are also members.

Recognized as a leader in the growth of Canadian Software as a Service (SaaS) innovation, Martello was named Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Company in 2015, with three-year revenue growth of more than 600%. To guide the company through its next growth phase, Martello has assembled a Board with collective expertise in law, technology, telecommunications, finance and mergers & acquisitions. “The company has assembled a high-caliber team of business leaders to serve on Martello’s Board of Directors”, said Terry Matthews. “I’m confident that each will have a positive and important impact”.