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March 25, 2019

The extension of Martello’s relationship with Mitel around Mitel Performance Analytics to include assets acquired from ShoreTel both strengthens that partnership and positions Martello well for aggressive growth on other fronts.

Mitel has announced enhancements to their Mitel Performance Analytics [MPA] unified communications [UC] monitoring and management solution, with a prominent one being  expanded coverage to support MiVoice Connect and added feature integrations for MiVoice MX-ONE. These capabilities come from a long-time partnership with Mitel’s fellow-Ottawa based company, Martello Technologies.  The companies expanded their relationship in January, and now the fruits of that enhanced partnership are available.

“The extension in January significantly strengthened our relationship with Mitel,” said John Proctor, Martello’s President and CEO. “We now have a larger addressable market, and a slightly longer contract.” The renewal term of the agreement was extended to two years with automatic two year renewals.

MPA-VisualMartello’s original business, since its creation in 2009, was network performance analytics. They partnered with Mitel early on, and got a major boost from that relationship when Mitel introduced MPA in early 2016, with Martello’s technology being under the hood.

“A major feature of this new Mitel release is our addition of support for another Mitel call platform, MiVoice Connect, which they acquired with ShoreTel,” said Dave Spence, Senior Product Manager at Martello. “We will offer the same support across the whole of this portfolio.” This includes expanded support for the MiVoice 5000 communications and collaboration solution and the MiVoice Office 400. With this release, MPA also now offers better customer lifecycle management, with increased functionality for the onboarding of new users, such as detailed welcome emails, standardized user role templates and streamlined permission granting.

“We are also Mitel’s only strategic partner around this platform,” Spence added. “Mitel had already rolled us into their Premier Software Assurance offering. We are the only monitoring and maintenance tool they have partnered with. That gives us a unique access into them, that no other competitor enjoys.”

Mitel remains core to Martello’s business, although the expansion of Martello’s other business efforts has grown its revenues, and so reduced the Mitel business proportionately to about 50-55 per cent of revenue from 60 per cent a year ago. Those other initiatives involved the acquisition of SD-WAN provider Elfiq, going public last summer, and then acquiring Savision, which integrates and controls monitoring, cloud, and service management tools data in a single pane of glass, to further optimize their network performance analysis/SD-WAN solution.

“Our expansion has also allowed us to expand our SD-WAN business with the Mitel channel,” Proctor said. “Most Mitel partners don’t just sell Mitel. They do other things, like sell Office 365, and we are now able to take our unified communications-optimized SD-WAN to those partners.”

John-ProctorMartello has aggressive growth on the agenda for this year.

“We have been producing very robust 30 per cent plus growth numbers, which we intend to continue through a mixture of organic and inorganic growth,” Proctor said, confirming that more acquisitions are in the plan. “Our ability to solve Mitel problems has also led to more solutions there, and more requests for partnerships from others. That’s a great place for us to be in, where our UC fits next to somebody or where they want to leverage our SD-WAN capability. We announced a collaboration with BlackBerry around their QNX platform in the autonomous vehicles space, which is a real canary in the coal mine for networks. If you have a lag of three seconds on email, nobody cares. If you have a lag of three seconds in an autonomous vehicle, they will care very much.”

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Latest global release of Mitel Performance Analytics ensures more seamless communications and collaboration with advanced testing capabilities and expanded coverage for MiVoice Connect

  • Designed to detect and prevent issues quickly to keep systems running at optimal performance
  • Helps protect against costly downtime while also making better use of IT resources
  • Preserves the long-term value of customers’ investment in communications technology

Mitel®, a global leader in business communications, today announced enhancements to Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), a unified communications (UC) monitoring and management solution that enables businesses to communicate and collaborate more reliably by helping identify and address potential UC network performance issues. Included as part of the new release are advanced network testing capabilities, expanded coverage to support MiVoice Connect and added feature integrations for MiVoice MX-ONE.

Vital to every business, the communications network underpins all aspects of operations. Even a small service outage can have far-reaching impact, ranging from reduced productivity to customer complaints, security and compliance risks, unexpected expenses and revenue loss. The new MPA release helps prevent problems with synthetic call tests and diagnostic tools customized for voice and video to quickly pinpoint potential issues. MPA’s 24/7 proactive monitoring further safeguards against downtime and service quality degradation to keep the network running at peak performance for years to come. With the ability to manage and predict capacity, IT resources can also be used more efficiently.

Key features of the latest MPA release include:

  • Support for MiVoice Connect – secure remote access; telephony services, CPU, disk and network monitoring; and alarm management
  • Improved MiVoice MX-ONE feature integration – route capacity reporting, TDM trunk traffic; and extended support for premises or air gapped systems
  • Better customer lifecycle management – increased functionality for administrators onboarding new users such as detailed welcome emails, standardized user role templates and streamlined permission granting

MPA is easy to deploy on-site or in the cloud and provides monitoring of both Mitel and multi-vendor systems. The latest release of MPA is now available globally as part of the Mitel Premium Software Assurance subscription and supports a broad range of Mitel solutions including MiVoice Business, MiVoice Office 250, MiCollab and MiContact Center.

“Preventing downtime that affects our customer base is always top of mind. If we can’t communicate with them, we can’t serve them, and that is a big problem. Mitel’s solution allows us to be proactive and aware of problems as soon as they occur, preventing downtime or a decline in voice quality,” said Doug Roswell, Business Systems Manager, Libro Credit Union.

“MPA is an essential support tool that allows us to do more with less resources. Text-based alerts allow us to respond to issues before they become bigger problems for our customers, avoiding a call to the help desk. It’s a single pane of glass that delivers actionable data on voice quality,” said Mike Perrow, Principal Network Engineer, Fujitsu.

“In today’s digital age, business rely on communications, collaboration and contact center solutions to help drive growth and profitability,” said Bob Agnes, EVP and President, Mitel Products and Solutions. “With performance analytics services from Mitel, businesses can feel confident that their communications infrastructure won’t let them down or leave them with a stranded investment that doesn’t support emerging technologies.”

Additional Facts

  • More than 5,000 businesses and organizations rely on Mitel Performance Analytics.
  • Mitel is the only brand recognized across the Gartner Magic Quadrants for Contact Center, Unified Communications and Unified Communications as a Service.
  • Mitel ranks among the top three brands for business communications in North America and is the leading supplier in Western Europe (source: MZA).

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BY: David Sali
Ottawa Business Journal
Martello Technologies CEO John Proctor.

Martello Technologies’ “build-and-buy” growth strategy is bearing fruit, company officials said Tuesday after the Kanata software firm reported a 136 per cent year-over-year increase in third-quarter revenues.

Martello (TSXV:MTLO) said its revenues for the three-month period ending Dec. 31 were $3.1 million, up substantially from $1.3 million a year earlier. While sales of Martello’s network performance management software to its Mitel channel rose by 44 per cent, most of its growth resulted from new products and services it added in a pair of acquisitions over the previous 12 months.

One of the fastest-growing firms in the Kanata tech park, Martello makes products that help customers detect and troubleshoot problems in their high-speed communications networks. The company – which went public via a reverse takeover last September – now employs nearly 100 people, about half of them in Ottawa and the rest at offices in Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris, Dallas and New York.

Since the beginning of 2018, Martello has embarked on an ambitious plan to diversify and expand its product and customer base, acquiring Montreal software maker Elfiq Networks early last year before buying Netherlands-based IT analytics firm Savision BV last fall.

So far, those deals appear to have achieved their goals.

While the Mitel channel accounted for 90 per cent of Martello’s sales in the third quarter of fiscal 2018, that share fell to just 55 per cent in the most recent three-month period. Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds of the company’s revenues in the third quarter of fiscal 2019 came from foreign sales, compared with 50 per cent a year earlier.

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