Network Performance Management

Bringing confidence to the cloud.


Delivering stellar unified communications (UC) network performance requires solutions that are specialized to UC.

Martello Vantage is a cost-effective, modular suite of products designed to prevent, detect, troubleshoot and address UC performance problems like delay, jitter, packet loss and poor voice quality.

Martello Vantage gives service providers and enterprises confidence in the performance of UC systems on increasingly complex cloud and enterprise networks.

FASTER PROBLEM RESOLUTION means satisfied users, higher adoption rates and reduced customer churn.

INCREASED REVENUE from maintenance contracts and upsell of enhanced service quality management capabilities.

REDUCED DOWNTIME with SD-WAN traffic prioritization and link balancing paired with software tools that proactively detect problems.

REDUCED COSTS with Internet Service Provider diversity and tools to empower less costly first line support to resolve problems remotely.

Martello Vantage Features

Network Assessment

UCScore is a simple, web-based assessment tool that confirms a network’s fitness for UC deployment. UCScore establishes a strong foundation for your UC network from the start, preventing problems resulting from overcapacity, such as echo, delay or jitter.

Network Health Test

Know what’s causing a problem on your VoIP network quickly with agent-based network testing. Test types like SIP Call, SIP Registration, External Call, and MTR will zero in on problems for fast resolution.

Network Performance Management

Manage unified communications (UC) service quality proactively, with software as a service that monitors your network around the clock. Designed for UC, Martello Vantage delivers alerts and reports on VoIP performance metrics such as voice quality and SIP trunk utilization, while monitoring the surrounding network infrastructure. From a single monitoring dashboard, you can troubleshoot problems with remote access, testing tools, and network visualizations.

SD-WAN Solutions


Achieve better performance with ISP and technology diversity: multiple SIP trunks on multiple ISPs, with dynamic failover to an alternative ISP.


Prioritize critical UC applications to ensure VoIP always performs when it’s needed. Advanced traffic optimization features include bandwidth virtualization and deep packet inspection.

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