Solutions for Education


The education sector has a varied approach to technology adoption: while the academic world is often among the first to embrace new technologies and new content delivery methods, the K-12 segment of this industry is often challenged by budget constraints.

Martello’s solutions can be the catalyst for accelerated technology adoption in all segments of education. By making business communications networks more flexible, versatile and reliable, schools can do more with less and ensure their network can deliver on the promise of online courses, recorded video and audio, Web-based student and grade management systems, document sharing and more.

Link Balancing and Bandwidth Management: Meet Demand and Lower Costs
With Martello’s Elfiq Link Balancers, schools, school districts, campuses, colleges, universities and many more customers can take back control of their bandwidth and proactively add more ISP links to meet demand.

Link Balancers also provide a cost reduction opportunity by utilizing low-cost ISP links such as DSL and cable to replace and complement existing more expensive links such as DS3s, T1s, fiber and more. Many academic organizations are employing this approach, combining two or three cable modems with a 10Mbps fiber connection are saving thousands every month.

Unified Communications (UC) Performance Management: Prevent Problems for 24/7 Availability
Martello’s UC performance management solutions ensure that schools achieve stellar performance from their phone system from the start. Whether an on-premise or in the cloud UC deployment, Martello Vantage tests system performance on an ongoing basis – from before deployment through to daily operations. It detects and alerts IT staff to problems, and offers troubleshooting and analytics that will keep VoIP solutions running optimally.

Anderson University Case Study
Pomperaug Regional School District
“Within a week of deployment, Mitel Performance Analytics solved a voice quality problem we had struggled with for 6 months. The detailed voice quality data in Martello’s solution differentiates it from other management systems and ensures voice quality problems don’t persist.”
– Pomperaug District School Board
Pomperaug District School Board
Children Writing at School
“A failure of the MiContact Center server, particularly during the critical registration period, can mean losses for the university – so the Martello's solution monitoring gives us confidence that we can avoid downtime.”
– Carleton University
Carleton University
Carleton University Students
“We had tried other Link/WAN balancing solutions; however, there were always problems. The best thing that I can say about Elfiq Networks is: It just works! Traffic comes in and goes out just like there was only one ISP. It gives me great peace of mind to know that I have redundancy and don't have to worry about my internet service going down.”
– Milton Town School District
Milton Town School District
“The Elfiq Networks team walked us through concepts, architecture, and they even helped us set up our new appliance. When the cutover date came, we literally had less than 10 minutes of down time.”
– Indian Prairie School District 204
Indian Prairie School District 204
As the education sector continues to evolve, Martello’s solutions can help deliver confidence in your network’s performance.