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Real-time services like rich media, streaming and unified communications (UC) require costly bandwidth for good performance. With so many competing bandwidth hungry real-time services, Martello delivers flexible solutions to IT professionals, letting them acquire the tools to build a robust enterprise network architecture to improve end-user experience.

The Challenge

The business communications network is critical to the success of any organization. Consider the losses that a business can experience when a customer service phone is unplugged for several hours – loss of revenue, lost customers, a damaged reputation. IT staff face high expectations for network and services reliability, while the complexity of these networks continues to grow.

IT departments typically face several challenges when supporting the business communications network: limited resources, increasingly complex (cloud-hosted, multi-vendor) infrastructures, the demand for reliability and need to maintain security. It can be difficult to successfully deliver system uptime amidst these challenges.

The Solution

Deployed in more than 5,000 enterprise and service provider networks around the world, Martello’s modular suite of products designed to give service providers and enterprises confidence in the performance of unified communications (UC) on cloud and enterprise networks. It includes UC performance management software and SD-WAN technology.

Martello Vantage offers the following benefits to end users:

REDUCE COSTS – When IT resources are limited, Martello Vantage is the answer to UC support. Delivering secure remote access to sites in any location, IT staff can easily troubleshoot problems without leaving their offices.

REDUCE DOWNTIME – Martello Vantage proactively detects issues predictive of failure with 24/7 performance and availability monitoring. Alerts are dispatched to ensure that issues are addressed quickly, preventing downtime. By preventing downtime, organizations reduce losses.

SECURITY – The integrity of the network is a key concern for IT staff. Martello Vantage is designed to maximize security, with all communications authenticated and encrypted with standards-based IP security mechanisms. In addition, and access control list (ACL) ensures only authorized personnel can remotely access the network, with alerts for attempted violation.

IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY – Rather than navigate multiple proprietary support systems, Martello Vantage lets IT personnel access data on devices and applications using a single pane of glass. Featuring a data rich dashboard and a series of real-time alerts, Martello Vantage makes it faster and easier to detect and address problems.

PROACTIVELY ENSURE BUSINESS CONTINUITY – When problems are occurring on the network, Martello Vantage will allow IT personnel to act quickly to prevent failures and downtime. The secure Offsite Backup Service for MiVoice Business ensures business continuity, with scheduled and on-demand backups of configuration, call history and embedded voice mail data/configuration.

“The store spans 5 floors, and with high call volume coupled with the need for fast communication within departments, customer service depends on reliable voice services. Martello's solution gives us confidence that our network will perform reliably even under high volume conditions”
– Angels Costumes
Angels Costumes
Angels Costumes
Download the Martello Vantage Brochure

Download the Martello Vantage Brochure

For more information visit our resource centre

For more information visit our resource centre

Martello’s solutions deliver confidence that your networks will perform reliably – around the clock.