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Proactively discover issues

Get custom alerts on everything that can affect Microsoft Teams call quality service.

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Focus on what matters most

Speed identification and prioritization of Microsoft Teams call quality issues.

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Makes troubleshooting easy

Prevent global or local Microsoft Teams call quality issues that could affect business productivity.

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Improve Microsoft Teams call quality user experience

Choose the only Teams monitoring solution that Microsoft recommends.

“Vantage Dx has already saved our IT teams hours of time troubleshooting network issues which are causing problems for Microsoft teams users.”

Stephan Pindstrup, Global IT Operations Specialist for Vitrolife 

“Solutions like Martello are highly recommended to Enterprise size customers.”

Cam Smith, Sr. product marketing manager at Microsoft

Features for Microsoft Teams Performance Monitoring

Custom Alerting

Define custom alerts for your VIPs, main locations, compliant devices, network issues or any and all call properties that you need to monitor. 

One Stop Dashboard

Correlate Teams user experience data with network performance tests and synthetic transactions to get full visibility on anything affecting Teams call quality user satisfaction. 

Root Cause Analysis

Easily troubleshoot the root cause of your latency issues by determining in seconds who owns the problem. 

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