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Sweden-based Vitrolife, a global leader in reproductive health, has approximately 1,200 employees spread across 20 countries worldwide. Their IT leadership came to Martello hoping Vantage DX could help them get better control of the Microsoft Teams user experience and transform their IT team’s approach from a constant defensive force into one that is proactive, despite the challenges and complexities of managing IT operations for a hybrid workforce.


Like most of the global business community, Vitrolife’s workforce was primarily remote during the pandemic, relying heavily on Microsoft 365 and Teams to stay connected and collaborate. As its employees began to return to the office, Vitrolife noticed that its Microsoft 365 usage rate decreased, and there was an increase in support tickets for performance issues.

The IT team had open-source and native monitoring and ITSM tools on hand, but they were either cumbersome to use or never found the root cause of issues. Determining what was causing the problem amounted to guesswork for the IT team, with Global IT Operations Specialist Stephan Pindstrup referring to it as ‘operating with a blindfold on’.

As a result, users stopped reporting these issues because they weren’t confident they would be successfully resolved. The company’s leadership saw the impact of this problem in lost productivity. The IT team needed a way to become more proactive when it came to delivering a reliable Microsoft Teams user experience, and to provide better advice and resolution to employees experiencing performance issues.

Microsoft Teams


Vitrolife found Martello Vantage DX after a quick web search and to Mr. Pindstrup’s delight, the solution was exactly what they needed. Following a short Proof of Value (PoV), Vitrolife’s
IT team had a much better view into how its employees were using Microsoft Teams, where the problems were that were impacting the Teams user experience and who was
experiencing them.

Within the first few days, Vantage DX was configured to:

  • Show Meetings quality and identify who exactly is having Teams issues.
  • Specifically monitor Meetings that had at least 3 participants having poor Teams call and video quality.
  • Visualize the data in dynamic dashboards clearly indicating which specific users are having Teams issues, where they are located and what network is being used.
  • Deploy Vantage DX Diagnostic probes to visualize all network hops and pinpoint poor MOS, latency, jitter and/or packet loss on the path to the Teams server.
  • Create, monitor and report on M365 and Teams SLA performance which could be used as reliable proof to senior management.

By using the Kibana-based dashboards in Vantage DX, the IT team now has at-a-glance insight into Microsoft Teams data from multiple perspectives that allows them to drill-down into
important details. The dashboards provide trended metrics and thresholding options so the team will be instantly alarmed when a specific metric such as jitter, RTT, MOS or packet loss has exceeded their defined threshold. The Vantage DX Teams Users dashboard provides the IT team with an overview of every employee’s Teams experience, call type, connection type, poor
call reasons, ISP status and network issues.

Internal Microsoft Performance Monitoring


Today, Vitrolife’s IT department has moved to a proactive state guaranteeing Microsoft 365 and Teams uptime, voice and video quality for every call. This new level of insight into the end-to-end infrastructure supporting Microsoft Teams brought an immediate return on investment for Vitrolife. Pindstrup estimates that in its early days following deployment, Vantage DX saved more than 10,000 hours of the IT team’s time, which amounts to a significant cost savings – making Vantage DX what Pindstrup terms a ‘low cost product for value’.

In a recent instance, Vantage DX also proved useful in expediting an issue with an ISP. In the past, Vitrolife could only speculate that an ISP was experiencing an issue – now they were armed with data from Vantage DX, which made resolution much faster with the elimination of ‘finger pointing’.

Pindstrup sees Vantage DX as a core component of Vitrolife’s future. As the company continues to pursue M&A activity, he believes the tool eliminates silos in a growing organization such as Vitrolife and gives every member of the IT team a singular view of Microsoft 365 and Teams performance. It has also helped transform Vitrolife’s IT team into the strategic and proactive engine that Pindstrup believes will drive even more business value for the company going forward – helping company executives make informed decisions and confidently delivering on newly created Microsoft 365 and Teams service level agreements (SLA).

Working with Martello was a refreshing experience for Pindstrup, with the product meeting and exceeding his expectations and the onboarding process smooth and well-supported by the Martello team.

“Vantage DX has already saved our IT team hours of time troubleshooting network issues which are causing problems for Microsoft Teams users. Before Vantage DX, we were responding to these problems with a blindfold on, whereas today we can quickly identify and resolve them with real data rather than guesswork. Vantage DX has empowered our IT team to provide cost savings and strategic value to the organization, including implementing a Microsoft Teams service level agreement (SLA) that we are confident we can meet or exceed, regardless of whether the user is working remotely or in the office.”

Stephan Pindstrup, Global IT Operations Specialist for Vitrolife


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