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Identify, Qualify and Eliminate Every Bottleneck on Your Road to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Service Excellence.

The Microsoft Office 365 user experience relies on multiple internal and external factors. Any of these factors can impact performance and therefore require end user experience monitoring. Sometimes Microsoft Teams can be slow, or SharePoint might not be loading properly or maybe emails are not being delivered.

These factors get more complicated when employees are collaborating on OneDrive files.

Imagine an employee can’t open a document in Excel. Or perhaps they are unable to modify the latest presentation for a large prospect or access a critical audit report. This has a significant impact on business productivity and the Microsoft Office 365 user experience.

Martello Vantage DX constantly tests the Microsoft Office 365 end user experience – exactly as users use it. Vantage DX does this by running 24/7 synthetic transactions from all your critical sites. This means you are in control of the service performance delivered to users at these sites. Testing is also done for Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and all Office 365 web applications.

With Vantage DX you can detect and troubleshoot any Microsoft 365 outage and limit its impact on business productivity.

Key Features of Proactive Microsoft Office 365 User Experience

Prevent service issues from becoming Microsoft 365 user experience problems

  • Test every Office 365 critical feature from all critical locations.
  • Testing includes Teams calls and video, Exchange mail routing, email creation, calendar and attachments, OneDrive and SharePoint document upload and download. It also includes Azure AD Connect synch, ADFS token, and every Office 365 web application availability and performance.
  • Detect any Microsoft 365 service issue at critical locations. Often before end users realize there is a problem.
  • Detect a global Microsoft Teams outage well before Microsoft raises an alarm bell.




Microsoft 365 Service Monitoring Dashboard

Alerts with Actionable Data

  • Alert on any Microsoft Teams outage, Microsoft 365 issue or service degradation. Capture and synchronize data on any issue degrading service quality with your ITSM tools.
  • Provide relevant data to quickly qualify an issue. For example: pinpoint the Office 365 web applications experiencing issues. Data includes what Exchange feature is impacted, the severity of the SharePoint problem. You even know when a Microsoft Teams outage starts or the network conditions when any issue occurs.


Alerts with actionable data

Track Internal Performance (OLA) and Microsoft Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • Test Microsoft feature performance the same way they are defined in the Microsoft 365 Service Level Agreement.
  • Report on monthly SLAs based on the quality of service experienced within the Microsoft Cloud and at your critical locations.
  • Create internal OLAs for service quality delivered to your business lines


Internal Microsoft Performance Monitoring

Key Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 and Teams User Experience Monitoring

Prevent Office 365 and Microsoft Teams issues from becoming business productivity problems with Microsoft 365 user experience monitoring

Detect issues impacting Microsoft services proactively, before they affect the Office 365 user experience

Calculate your service quality baseline to assess Office 365 end user experience issues

Reduce Office 365 and Microsoft Teams down time

Reduce the business impact of a Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams outage


EMA Report

The State of Microsoft 365 Performance Management

Martello commissioned EMA to conduct an entirely independent exploration of the state of Microsoft 365.

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Prevent Office 365 and Microsoft Teams issues from becoming business productivity problems with Microsoft 365 user experience monitoring.

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