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Identify, Qualify and Eliminate Every Bottleneck on Your Road to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Service Excellence.

Microsoft guarantees exceptional service quality to the border of their Global Network. Beyond this border, ensuring the level of service lies with your IT team as Microsoft does not control your route to the cloud, your network infrastructure, your third-party provider or ISPs.

With so many components involved, it is challenging to ensure a reliable user experience. Traditional monitoring solutions don’t capture insight into the end-user experience and cannot correlate it with data from existing tools.

Key Microsoft 365 Proactive Monitoring Features

Testing Microsoft 365 Services As Your Users Would

  • Martello Vantage DX™ robot users can be installed anywhere to test Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Office 365 applications.
  • By performing synthetic transactions 24/7 the robots can detect in real time every service issue that your users may experience.
Microsoft 365 Service Monitoring Dashboard

Alerts with Actionable Data

  • Don’t rely on your users to become aware of issues. You can now warn them before they even realize that the service is impacted.
  • Martello Vantage DX robots alert your IT team with actionable data needed to qualify the issue: location of the problem, impacted workload, which feature, when it started, how severe it is and the network conditions at the time the issue occurred.
Alerts with actionable data

Track Internal Performance and Microsoft Service Level Agreements

  • Because Martello’s robots work around the clock and can be anywhere, they report on service quality over time.
  • By placing them in your critical locations, you can have an end-to-end performance report.
  • By placing them in the Microsoft cloud, you can track Microsoft 365 SLA achievement.
Internal Microsoft Performance Monitoring

Key Microsoft Experience Monitoring Benefits

Prevent Microsoft 365 and Teams Performance Issues

Monitor Hybrid Cloud From a Single Pane of Glass

Deliver on Microsoft 365 SLAs

Ensure the Optimal Route to the Cloud

Reduce the Business Impact of Microsoft 365 Service Outages


EMA Report

The State of Microsoft 365 Performance Management

Martello commissioned EMA to conduct an entirely independent exploration of the state of Microsoft 365.

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Use Case

Is Your Microsoft Teams Quality of Service Underperforming

Enable IT management and business lines to understand service quality.

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Don’t let your users be your monitoring tool, take control of the Microsoft 365 digital experience!

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