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Is Microsoft Teams down?

It is hard to know. Only 16% of users will ever open a ticket when Office 365 or Microsoft Teams is down or slow. This means that for most issues, IT is in the dark. When users finally open a ticket it is too late.

By that point you don’t have the needed data to understand what happened without a Microsoft Teams performance monitoring solution.

This makes ensuring Microsoft 365 user satisfaction, productivity and Return on Investment very challenging.

Martello Vantage DX provides a powerful alerting system when Teams is performing poorly. This lets you be aware of every Microsoft cloud service issue and any user experience problem.

How Does Martello Vantage DX help?

Martello Vantage DX tests from a user’s perspective. This includes every feature of the Microsoft 365 workload. It also includes the availability and performance of Office 365 Web Applications and PowerApps. It detects when Teams is down or when performance issues degrade the user experience and immediately sends alerts.

It also collects performance data on every Microsoft Teams call to detect quality issues. This also provides you with alerts whether it is peer to peer, a meeting, Direct Routing, Operator Connect or Calling Plan.

It then correlates the data with end-to-end network performance metrics. This allows them to detect and alert on all poor network quality issues between your users and Microsoft cloud services.

Vantage DX can also centralize alerts coming from your own monitoring tools. This provides you with full visibility of the entire architecture that is supporting the Microsoft 365 and Teams user experience. With Vantage DX you will know immediately when Microsoft Teams is performing poorly and have actionable data to address the issue.

Key Microsoft 365 User Experience Alerting Features

Create Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Issue Alerts Targeted to Your Needs

  • Search through your monitoring data and create groupings that matters to you. Create custom alert boards based on multiple conditions you set.
  • Define alerting conditions easily including the best, worst and percentage of a condition.
  • Group your alerts into service incidents that you can synchronize with your ITSM tools.
Office 365 and Teams Single Pane of glass

Monitor all Microsoft Cloud Services

This includes monitoring and alerts for:

  • Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange alerts based on workload features’ performance and availability.
  • Office 365 web applications such as Excel, Word, Planner and PowerPoint availability and performance.
  • PowerApps availability and performance.
  • Microsoft Teams call quality issues, device compliance issues, poor call root cause and more.
  • Identify poor network quality problems with details on where the issue is.
  • Microsoft Service Health visibility.
Monitor Microsoft cloud services

Transform Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) Data into Monitoring Insights

  • Transform Microsoft Teams CQD data into meaningful alerts.
  • Group by VIPs, users, country or offices.
  • Create specific alerts for device compliance.
  • Define custom alerts based on call properties such as connectivity, number of users, audio devices, ISP, etc.
Monitor vips and isps with microsoft teams call quality analytics

Correlates Vantage DX Alerts with Alerts from your Existing Monitoring Tools

  • Collect alerts from Splunk, SolarWinds, Nagios, PRTG and more.
  • Organize your alerts into custom services to monitor the user experience end to end.
  • Centralize all your monitoring events into ITSM service incidents.
Vantage DX Alerts for existing Tools

Key Microsoft 365 Users Experience Alert Benefits

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Become Proactive in Supporting Critical Users and Workloads

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Reduce the Duration of Issues when Office 365 and Teams is Slow

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Increase Microsoft 365 user Productivity and Satisfaction

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Don’t Rely on Users to Tell You if Microsoft Teams is Down

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Improve Office 365 and Teams ROI


Checklist: Optimizing Microsoft Teams with Vantage DX

Checklist: Optimizing Microsoft Teams with Vantage DX

Are you an IT manager grappling with Microsoft Teams performance challenges? Experience the frustration of blind spots, sluggish issue resolutions, and reactive chaos?

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