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Proactively monitor and automatically pinpoint your bottlenecks on the route to the cloud

Microsoft 365 services rely heavily on internal and external network performance. However, when a service issue is occurring, it can be very challenging for an enterprises’ IT team or for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to understand where the latency is and who owns the network involved.

Martello Vantage DX™ tests the network path between your users’ sites and Microsoft 365 services. It clearly visualizes the connectivity quality using network path diagrams that can immediately pinpoint any issues and can also identify who owns the portion of the network where they are currently occurring.

Key Network Path Analysis Features

Assess the Performance of Your Users’ Route to the Cloud – Site by Site and Workload per Workload

  • Visualize the network path in addition to any associated latency.
  • Test the network path to any Microsoft 365 workload including business applications (Excel, Word, Planner, etc.).
  • Get site data in real time including RTT, Jitter and packet loss between every hop to understand bottlenecks and optimize network performance.
Assess The Performance Of Your Users’ Route To The Cloud – Site By Site With Microsoft Active Network Path Analysis

Clearly Determine Who Is Responsible for Network Bottlenecks on Your Route to Microsoft Services

  • Precisely detect where the latency issue is happening, its characteristics (RTT, Jitter and packet loss) and when it started.
  • Identify the specific owner of any network performance issue.
  • Determine in seconds if issues are coming from your own network, your ISP or from Microsoft.
Determine Who Is Responsible For Microsoft 365 Network Latency Issues With Microsoft Active Network Path Analysis

Monitor the Service Quality of Your ISPs

  • Analyze the network performance owned by your ISP.
  • Detect and alert on ISP performance issues.
  • Define and track SLAs for your ISP’s services.
Monitor The Service Quality Of Your Isps With Microsoft Active Network Path Analysis

Validate Network Path Compliance

  • Check if your sites or users are using the correct network path to Microsoft 365.
  • Easily discover improper network path configuration (DNS lookup, VPN, etc.).
Validate Network Path Compliance With Microsoft Active Network Path Analysis

Key Network Path Analysis Benefits

Reduce Time Spent Finger-Pointing and Resolve Network Problems Faster

Eliminate the Blame Game Between Departments and With Your Service Providers

Reduce Mean Time To Repair and Associated Costs

Justify Network Performance Projects


Know exactly where network issues are to resolve Microsoft 365 and Mircosoft Teams performance issues faster.

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