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Microsoft Teams Phone is critical for customer-facing employees including contact centers, customer service, VIPs and the sales department. This is the main communication tool used to reach out to customers and partners.

But ensuring that no Direct Routing issue or Teams call audio quality issues are occurring challenging. It relies on multiple service providers and internal teams involved in Unified Communications (UC), the network and devices.

Session border controller (SBC), SIP Trunk and PSTN providers can affect Teams Phone call quality. The quality of calls made through Microsoft Teams depends on the quality of the ISP and internal network latency.  Regardless of whether they are supporting a Microsoft Calling Plan, Teams Direct Routing or Operator Connect service, the quality of service delivered by these provides matters to the Microsoft Teams user experience.

To ensure Microsoft Teams Phone user satisfaction you need end-to-end visibility on all of these components.

Vantage DX for Microsoft Teams Phone Connectivity and Call Quality

Martello Vantage DX™ troubleshoots Microsoft Teams phone issues and ensures audio device compliance, regardless of which solution you use – Direct Routing, Calling Plan or Operator Connect.

Vantage DX collects all Teams phone call performance data and transforms it into monitoring features and insight. You can set up alerts for specific call quality issues, groups of users, locations or regions, VIPs MOS degradation

Our solution provides a single view of all the Teams phone issues experiences by an organization’s users. This also includes direct root cause analysis and audio device compliance checks.

It provides visibility into your network performance by correlating your call quality data with AudioCodes SBC call detail reports. This allows you to detect and fix Teams phone problems, which reduces the impact of Teams Phone call issues on your business.

Key Features for Microsoft Teams Phone Call Quality Issues

Microsoft Teams Phone Call Quality Issue Alerts

  • Transform Teams Call Quality Dashboard data into monitoring insights to identify problems with specific users, calls, or devices. Custom alerts can be set up to notify you of any issues. You no longer need to rely on user reporting to know when there is a poor user experience!
  • Detect and alert on any quality issues. This includes Direct Routing, SBC, failed Operator Connect calls, and Microsoft Calling Plan SIP Trunk issues.
Teams Call Quality Dashboard

Monitor Microsoft Calling Plan SIP trunk and carrier

  • Create alert on SIP trunk usage and carrier problems.
  • Analyze Microsoft Calling Plan bad call quality.

Troubleshoot Teams Direct Routing Call Quality Issues

  • Correlate Teams Phone call performance data with your AudioCodes SBC call detail report. Understand exactly where the call quality issue is.
  • Improve SBC capacity planning by analyzing usage and device performance.
  • Detect and alert on a poor Direct Routing call. Understand whether the cause is local (wifi, bandwidth) and whether it is internal or external (managed service provider, external users, etc.)
Martello Solution for Teams PSTN

Key Features for SBC Device Detect and alert on SBC performance and call quality issues

  • Correlate SBC Device information and Health status with Microsoft Teams Call analytics.
  • Get alerted on every potential SBC issue (Chassis, trunk, device, network connection, licenses, security, etc.)
  • Understand if the SBC is the root cause of call issues.
  • Constantly test the network path performance between your users and the SBC.
Teams Call Quality Analytics

Monitor Microsoft Teams Phone Operator Connect service quality

  • Single pane of glass for your Teams Direct Routing, Calling Plan and Operator Connect call performance data
  • Detect, alert and highlight Operator Connect call quality issues with actionable insights
  • Monitor the network performance to your Operator Connect access point
Microsoft Teams Phone Monitoring

Benefits of AudioCodes SBC Data Integration

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Provide end-to-end visibility for voice direct routing from users to PSTN providers.

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Increase collaboration between the IT teams responsible for UC and Microsoft Teams.

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Dramatically reduce the Mean Time to Repair for Teams Direct routing issues.

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Increase user satisfaction and the ROI on your Microsoft Teams Phone investment.

Key Benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone Call Quality Issue Monitoring

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  • Get automatically alerted in case of any issue. You don’t need users to complain or to open an IT ticket to be aware of call quality issues.
  • Proactively support your VIPs.
  • Analyze recurring issues to prevent them from happening again.

  • Correlate call quality issue data with your internal network monitoring data to pinpoint root cause faster.
  • Get an end-to-end view of performance, to qualify incidents faster.
  • Determine whether a Teams Direct routing issue comes from internal or external users.
  • Automatically correlate alerts and Teams call quality data with your ITSM tools.

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  • Decrease Teams Phone management and support overhead.
  • Achieve minimal mean time to resolution (MTTR).
  • Reduce Microsoft escalations.

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  • Increase Microsoft 365 user satisfaction and productivity.
  • Ensure VIP service quality.
  • Decrease your support costs.



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