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Managing Microsoft Teams performance requires deep insight into all components of the call path involving coordination between IT departments and service providers that each work with different tools with different objectives. IT teams often struggle to qualify and solve application performance or voice quality issues because traditional monitoring tools don’t provide substantial insight into the user experience. IT teams are sometimes siloed, so collaborating on poor Microsoft Teams performance from a failing or misconfigured Session Border Controller (SBC) may result in an increased mean time to repair (MTTR).

The AudioCodes SBC is a device used for Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams. In a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing implementation, the SBC is the edge where the Microsoft Phone System connects to the PSTN network. The SBC needs to be properly configured to route outgoing calls to regional carriers and incoming calls to the correct Teams user.

What is Martello Vantage for AudioCodes?

Martello Vantage DX™ gives IT teams complete end-to-end visibility of the Microsoft Teams call path. Using a single pane of glass to correlate data from multiple sources, Vantage DX gives IT teams the needed insight to rapidly resolve SBC-related problems before they impact end users.

For Martello customers, this means having the power to:

Collect relevant data to understand end-to-end Microsoft Teams telephony service delivery.

Alert on key performance metrics affecting the end user experience.

Correlate SBC data with the Teams CQD and existing monitoring insights to successfully manage Teams Telephony.

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Centralize all alerts and incidents into one simple to use interface.

Complete end-to-end visibility in a single pane-of-glass.

Functional Specifications:

  1. Retrieve SBC including key properties and store them as a component
  2. Retrieve the health state from the SBC and store them as component states
  3. Retrieve alarms from the SBC and store them as alerts. Additional alerts are created in case certificates are about to expire. (16-30 days warning, -15 days error)

*Supported Version of audio codes: 7.20A.258 (version 7.4 coming soon).



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