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Microsoft’s Take on Martello’s Microsoft Teams Performance Monitoring

See what Cloud Solution Architect, Evan Zaleschuk at Microsoft had to say about the end-to-end visibility provided by Vantage DX.

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams are Mission-Critical for Business Productivity


of Microsoft Teams performance issues are not caused by Microsoft.


of digital business initiatives will require I&O to report on users’ digital experience.


use third-party tools to aid in ensuring performance and availability of Microsoft 365 applications.

Optimize Modern Workplace Reliability and User Experience

See why Microsoft recommends solutions like Martello to measure, troubleshoot and improve Microsoft Teams user experience.

Delivering Reliable Service Quality Requires End-to-End Visibility

Manage Every Obstacle on the Road to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 Service Reliability

Enterprise IT network and infrastructure availability, scalability and performance are mission-critical to employee productivity and a return on investment of cloud services.

Martello Vantage DX helps you deliver to your users Microsoft’s promise of 99.9% quality of service and clearly identifying the internal third third-party bottlenecks that are truly affecting your user experience.

Discover Internal and Third-Party Provider Issues that Impact Microsoft Services Before Users are Impacted

Vantage DX continuously monitors the user experience of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to prioritize where IT needs to fix potential bottlenecks to get maximum ROI of their Microsoft investment.

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Pinpoint in Seconds the Root Cause of Any Service Quality Bottlenecks

Martello Vantage DX correlates its detection data with network path analysis coupled with your existing infrastructure and monitoring data to fully understand where the problems are and who owns them.

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Empower ITSM to Streamline Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Service Management and Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

Correlate all monitoring events related to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 services into meaningful incidents ready to be qualified, prioritized and assigned to the right team. Produce actionable Service and Objective Level Agreement (SLA, OLA) identifying service performance optimization possibilities.

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Become an Expert in Microsoft Teams
Collaboration, Cloud and PSTN Voice

Centralize and correlate the data that matters to ensure optimal user experience and end user satisfaction.

Maximize IT efficiency for managing Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams service performance.

Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.



Operator Connect vs. Direct Routing

Get the Most from Microsoft Teams PSTN Functionality

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Microsoft’s Take on Martello’s Microsoft Teams Performance Monitoring

Operator Connect or Direct Routing? Managing Microsoft Teams Phone Service Quality

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Case Study

University of New Hampshire

UNH’s IT team has come to trust Martello Vantage DX’s monitoring and alarm capabilities and the metrics it provides them.

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Trusted by our Partners

“We lacked the necessary visibility to understand where in the journey from the end user to the Microsoft Datacenter a problem was occurring, particularly since we don’t have control over all components of this journey. This made it difficult to diagnose and address the problem efficiently for our users, who are now highly dependent on Teams to stay productive.”

Chris Brown, Head of Service Delivery for Berry Bros. & Rudd

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“Vantage DX has empowered our IT team to provide cost savings and strategic value to the organization, including implementing a Microsoft Teams SLA that we are confident we can meet or exceed, regardless of whether the user is working remotely or in the office.”

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“The case for Martello is clear. The quantitative savings and qualitative benefits argue that implementing this DEM solution makes more sense than continuing to accept “Microsoft is down” as a substitute for outstanding service.”

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“Two months later, after reviewing the assessment provided by Rapid Circle, the value of Martello's solution is quite clear. This tool can help us detect and repair issues faster and make us more proactive in delivering a good experience to our users.”

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“Martello provides a level of depth not found within the Microsoft 365 platform itself, and although Microsoft improves the level of reporting available, they do not provide the full level of insight from clients to the service across core Microsoft 365 services in one place, nor are consistent.”

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