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Challenges with Microsoft Teams Monitoring for VIPs

Your VIPs are demanding. However, like most of your users, they do not open a support ticket when they experience Microsoft Teams service degradation. Instead, they complain, and it can be loud. But how can you be ahead of issues you cannot detect? With Martello Vantage DX, you can.

Why the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) Isn’t Enough?

Sure, you can see VIP call quality data in the Microsoft Teams Call Quality Dashboard (CQD). However, this approach requires you to hunt for every single VIP call, every hour, to check if everything is working well – likely not something you can do every day. To be on top of VIP call quality, you need to be alerted and that is something the CQD cannot offer.

See VIP Call Quality Data That Matters to You

Whether your VIP works from an office or from home, Martello Vantage DX has you covered.

At the office, you can easily setup specific 24/7 test of the service quality delivered to their building, floor or even offices. This will prevent service interruption where it is most needed and will also show you directly where the issue is, if any kind of latency is detected.

Our powerful correlation engine allows you to understand how your existing network and infrastructure can be the root cause of potential issues that are detected.

For your VIP working remotely, Martello also collects and analyzes the Teams call quality data of your users and allows you to group your VIPs together to receive specific alerts when they experience voice degradation issues – whether they are at the home or on the road.

Furthermore, our ITSM integration enables your ITSM tools and team to receive automatic service incidents for your VIP, qualify and prioritize them to speed up service remediation.

Finally, you can even define specific SLAs/OLAs for your VIPs user group and justify the quality of service delivered.

The Results

No IT tickets required from VIPs

All the data you need to troubleshoot VIP issues in a single pane of glass

Ensure VIP satisfaction with voice quality services

Ensure and justify Microsoft Teams service quality to VIPs



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