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Challenges with Microsoft SLA Management

Whether it is for budgetary, IT project management or to meet contractual obligations, internal IT and MSPs need to report on Microsoft 365 service availability and performance – to their management, customers and / or business lines. However, the available data from Microsoft is of limited benefit when it comes to SLA management. Martello Vantage DX bridges that gap, automatically.

How to Monitor for Microsoft SLA?

To report on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams availability and performance you need to measure it where it matters. And since Microsoft does not own your network, the data they can produce is limited to what they are delivering at the edge of their Global Network. The route to the cloud is complex and each component can affect any performance objective that is set with your stakeholder.

Report on Microsoft 365 SLA

Martello Vantage DX has been designed to constantly measure the availability and performance of the Microsoft 365 service and voice quality of Microsoft Teams from anywhere it matters thanks to it’s synthetic transactions capabilities.

Thanks to that, you can easily define OLA focus on user experience that you can share with your Business lines.

On top of that, by testing and measuring Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and of course Teams services quality from any location, 24/7 and correlating this data with our network path analysis and your existing network and infrastructure monitoring data, Martello Vantage DX offers complete visibility into everything that is affecting Microsoft 365 service quality. You can then create custom service performance reports that encompass every key component of the service delivery.

Furthermore, thanks to our Microsoft Teams call quality data, you can create specific SLA for voice quality delivered to any of your users whether they work at the office or from home.

SLA, OLA, and performance reports are automatically provided, pinpointing the root cause of breaches whether the source is at the user, network, infrastructure, ISP or Microsoft level.

They can be securely shared internally or externally to justify and understand the overall performance of the services provided to your business lines or customers.

The Results

Define custom performance reports (SLA / OLA)

Automatically identify the root cause of an SLA breach

Report on Microsoft 365 end to end performance levels

Easily share with relevant stakeholders



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