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Monitoring Every Microsoft Teams User’s Call Quality

The Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) collects interesting user-based call quality data for reporting. However, it has limitations; you can’t group users (for example a VIP user group) and you can’t get alerts. Therefore the CQD can’t be used for monitoring purposes which leaves your IT in the dark when trying to ensure Microsoft Teams service quality for users and business lines.

Martello Vantage DX™ Microsoft Teams Call Quality Analytics uses real user monitoring to transform CQD data into critical monitoring assets that provide full visibility, alerts and performance reports for your entire company.

Key Microsoft Teams Voice Quality Features

Monitor the Microsoft Teams Voice User Experience From Anywhere Without Having To Deploy Agents

  • Monitor the service delivered to your VIPs, rooms, locations, and home offices.
  • Monitor your ISP’s service quality.
  • Monitor your cloud and PSTN / Direct routing call quality.
  • Configure custom alerts based on call quality data and the percentage of users having issues.
Teams voice monitoring

Monitor VIPs, ISPs and Any Group of Users You Want To Focus On

  • Group your users by any meaningful criteria (VIP, location, ISP, etc.) to track the quality of service delivered to business lines.
  • Define custom alerts for each group to stay ahead of performance issues.
Monitor vips and isps with microsoft teams call quality analytics

Troubleshoot Teams Performance Issues Faster

  • Receive insights on every user’s network connectivity, device, audio set, ISP and route to the cloud performance and share with NOC, helpdesk and service owners.
  • Use built in ElasticSearch capabilities to search through users, issues and call quality results in seconds.
Troubleshoot Teams Performance Issues Faster Martello Vantage

Manage Internal OLAs and External SLAs

  • Design, track and share custom SLA (Service Level Agreement) / OLA (Objective Level Agreement) by any custom group of users to business lines and stakeholders.
  • Automatically identify locations, users, room, ISP or anything breaching your overall SLA target.
Manage internal olas and external slas with microsoft teams call quality analytics

Key Microsoft Teams Call Quality Benefits

Ensure Microsoft Teams User Productivity and Satisfaction

Automatic Configuration To Deliver Immediate Insights

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Demonstrate Microsoft Teams Service Quality Internally and Externally

Agentless Approach Provides Immediate Insights


Deliver a smooth Microsoft Teams user experience, on every call.

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