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Microsoft Teams troubleshooting can be difficult and time consuming.

The Microsoft Teams repair tool checks connectivity diagnostics and can provide a set of interesting metrics. But this does not give you the bigger picture of where the issue is. It also does not tell you who is responsible or how many Teams issues you really have.

Without this you cannot see the many reasons why Microsoft Teams might be performing poorly.

Issues could include bad Teams network quality, a non-certified device, bandwidth issues, a weak wifi signal, Teams client not updated, or a local Teams outage due to an ISP. All of these root causes happen every day and need attention for IT to prevent Teams audio call quality issues, Teams meeting problems and to ensure the best possible quality for all Microsoft 365 services.

Martello Vantage DX Key Troubleshooting Capabilities

Everything That Matters, Right in Front of Your Eyes

  • Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams call quality issues at a click of a button with our Microsoft Office 365 troubleshooting tool.
  • Vantage DX immediately delivers monitoring insights on every call, meeting, video and PSTN call to analyze the root cause of poor service quality issues. This data provides insight about your users, including how they are connected, the issue severity or if external users are affecting call quality.
  • See if the session border controller (SBC) or the network between the SBC or the PSTN provider is at risk.
Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting

Correlate Teams user experience issue metrics with poor network performance insights

  • Identify the root cause of network latency in seconds and determine who is responsible for it.
  • Correlate end-to-end network performance data with insight on local network issues. Our Microsoft Teams troubleshooting tool provides insight on low wifi signal, bandwidth, RTT, Jitter, and Packet Loss.
  • Immediately qualify the root cause of the Teams call quality issue.


Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Network Path Monitoring

Single pane of glass consolidating the Office 365 and Microsoft Teams user experience, network testing and your own monitoring insights

  • Use common monitoring tools to collect your own monitoring insights on your architectures and services. These can include tools such as PRTG, Nagios, SolarWinds, SCOM or even Azure monitor.
  • Vantage DX correlates your monitoring insights with our user experience tests and data. This provides full visibility of every part of Office 365 and Teams user issues with our Microsoft Office 365 troubleshooting tool.
Rapid Root Cause Analysis

Reduce mean time to repair any Office 365 and Microsoft Teams outage

  • Get actionable alerts on Microsoft 365 and Teams outages and user issues. This is paired with the data you need to immediately qualify the problems.
  • Stop finger pointing between IT teams and external service providers.
  • Automatically get root cause analysis and complete visibility of every aspect of Microsoft 365 performance.
Office 365 and Teams Single Pane of glass

The Key Benefits of Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting and Microsoft Office 365 Troubleshooting Tool

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Speed Identification and Prioritization of Office 365 and Teams Critical issues

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Reduce the Mean Time to Repair of any Global or Local Microsoft 365 Outage

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Improve Your Overall Office 365 and Microsoft Teams User Experience with our Microsoft Office 365 Repair Tool


How to deliver an Industry-Leading Microsoft Teams Experience

How to Deliver an Industry Leading Microsoft Teams Experience

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Mastering Microsoft Teams Phone: Quality and Cost Optimization Tips

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Clearly identify and prioritize your most critical Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams performance issues.

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