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Detect, prioritize and analyze Teams user experience issues

Detecting Microsoft 365 and Teams outages

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Teams VIP usage and issue reporting and analysis

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Monitor the performance of your SBC for Direct Routing calls

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Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams call quality issues

Support your users with proactive alerting for Teams user experience issues

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Proactively support and troubleshoot your Teams VIPs’ issues

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Monitoring Teams Rooms and devices

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Tracking Microsoft and your third party's quality of service

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Ensuring Exchange and Mail routing and OneDrive and SharePoint availability and performance

Try The Only Comprehensive Out-of-the-Box Microsoft Teams Monitoring Solution That Helps IT Teams


Improve IT productivity by prioritizing which users and locations can most benefit from improvements in the user experience of Microsoft 365.

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Optimize IT’s response to future problems with Microsoft 365 by proactively detecting issues before users are impacted.

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“Vantage Dx has already saved our IT teams hours of time troubleshooting network issues which are causing problems for Microsoft teams users.”

Stephan Pindstrup, Global IT Operations Specialist for Vitrolife 

“Solutions like Martello are highly recommended to Enterprise size customers.”

Cam Smith, Sr. product marketing manager at Microsoft

Fix Microsoft 365 and Teams performance issues to maximize Microsoft Teams ROI

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Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) and associated costs for any Microsoft 365 issue

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Increase business productivity by ensuring the best quality of service

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) while increasing user satisfaction

See why we are the only comprehensive, out of the box performance monitoring solution for Microsoft Teams and 365.

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