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Deploying a Microsoft Teams Meeting Room is an important investment in enabling a hybrid workforce.

Now that most meetings are hybrid, the Teams MTR experience of every single meeting relies on multiple components. These hybrid meetings can involve an in-person Microsoft MTR plus people in different offices and external attendees in their own meeting rooms. Add to this the need for the devices in the Room to be performing optimally. But this is only a small part of the equation.

There are other factors that arise. How is the network performance between the Room and Microsoft Teams? How is the user experience for attendees – internal or external – that are outside of the physical Room?

To ensure Microsoft Teams Meeting Room return on investment, your users need to enjoy the experience. For that, you need an end-to-end view that encompasses device health, Microsoft MTR and user experience root cause analysis to identify any Microsoft Teams Room issues or network performance problems.

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Microsoft Teams Rooms: Why Your Next Big Move with Teams Will Require Monitoring

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Key Features of Proactive Microsoft Teams Meeting Room User Experience Monitoring

Monitor device health and meeting experience from a single pane of glass.

  • Correlate device data with MTR Microsoft Teams Room experience to get the full picture of your Microsoft MTR service quality.
  • Drill down to any meeting and user issue with root cause analysis for every attendee experiencing poor quality.




MTR Dashboard Devices Status

Instantly determine which Microsoft Teams Meeting Room is over or under used and which ones have the most Microsoft Teams Rooms issues.

  • Sort your rooms by usage and by issues with one click.
  • Drill down into every Room to analyze usage and the recurrence of meeting issues.


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Define custom alerts correlating Microsoft MTR devices with meetings experiencing issues.

  • Don’t rely on IT tickets to come in from users. Be aware of everything that is happening in your Rooms – proactively.
  • Easily select your most critical Rooms and the conditions you want to be alerted on – devices, users, meetings issues, network problems, bandwidth, etc…
Microsoft Teams Rooms Dashboard

Key Benefits of Proactive Microsoft Teams Meeting Room User Experience and MTR Device Monitoring

Proactively detect MTR and device performance issues that could affect the quality of the meetings.

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Ensure VIP Microsoft MTR satisfaction – both in person and hybrid.

Deliver maximum ROI on your Teams Rooms investment.

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Optimize your Microsoft Teams MTR costs.


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Prevent Office 365 and Microsoft Teams issues from becoming business productivity problems with Microsoft 365 user experience monitoring.

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