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Microsoft excels at providing a secure and reliable service within its Global Network. This means that there could be network and infrastructure bottlenecks on the route to the cloud that can also affect the end user experience and overall satisfaction. Because these bottlenecks can appear both inside and outside the enterprise network, it is complex to ensure optimal performance.

What is Martello Vantage DX for Office 365?

Martello Vantage DX is your all-in-one monitoring solution for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams that helps you enhance user satisfaction while lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Whether your users are remote or at the office, Vantage DX detects and alerts on user experience issues and correlates service performance insights with your existing monitoring data to help you quickly determine the root cause of issues and bottlenecks on your route to the cloud. Vantage DX then synchronizes alerts and incidents with your ITSM to streamline service resolution while automatically reporting on service level performance.

Vantage DX delivers the visibility you need on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to sure maximum ROI for your cloud services investment.

24/7 End User Experience Monitoring

  • Early detection of users experiencing issues for both office and remote users.
  • Qualify potential problems instantly (including workload, location, severity, users).
  • Define custom live dashboards for your business lines and customers.
Microsoft 365 Performance Monitoring Dashboard
Teams Call Icon

Microsoft Teams Call Voice and telephony quality monitoring

  • Instantly see where the user is experiencing issues and why.
  • Define critical user’s groups and custom alerting.

Deep dive latency analysis

  • Visualize the route to the cloud from critical locations and users.
  • Spot which network is responsible for any latency to any Microsoft Global Network endpoint.
  • Correlate end user experience monitoring with your own infrastructure and network monitoring insights.
Assess The Performance Of Your Users’ Route To The Cloud – Site By Site With Microsoft Active Network Path Analysis

Unified Communication (UC) service quality

  • Monitor Teams Direct routing, Operator Connect and Calling plan user experience.
  • Correlate user experience insights with your existing monitoring data for UC equipment.

Coming Soon:

  • SBC telephony features tests.
  • Collect and correlate data from your SBC with Microsoft Teams Call Quality Data.

Key Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft O365 and Microsoft Teams benefits

  • Detect internal or external service performance issues before end-users.
  • Reduce service degradation impact on business

Performance icon

  • Identify root cause of performance issues
  • Determine who is responsible for latency problems.
  • Prioritize network and infrastructure issues by understanding visually, how they impact Microsoft 365 service delivery.

Arrows down icon

  • Decrease management and support overhead.
  • Achieve minimal MTTR.
  • Reduce Microsoft escalations.

  • Track, share and justify your level of service.
  • From a single pane of glass manage your Microsoft 365, Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform service delivery.


Don’t let your users be your monitoring tool. Take control of the Office 365 Digital Experience!

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